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What Strategist Readers Are Buying: Baby Books, French Trainers, and Travel Pillows

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Welcome to Your Shopping Cart, wherein we break out the top-ten products that you, devoted Strategist UK readers, all bought in droves. Think of this as the tl;dr of the Strategist UK: If your like-minded brethren are buying these items, maybe you’d like to as well.

Our third monthly roundup of the stuff Strategist UK readers have bought sees some continued love for the in-flight foot sling and the almost-Scandi trouser from Amazon’s in-house label. But there’s been some new entries, too, like the perfect book for a 6-month-old and a pair of trainers that are like Converse, but French. If you’re looking for more inspiration, hit up our gift-guide hub to find something forliterallyanyone.

The SleepyRide Airplane Footrest was the most-bought item on Strategist UK in November and in December, and it’s the most bought this month, too. Writer Alyse Whitney picked it up for a 20-hour flight to Singapore and Hong Kong, and said the compact memory-foam hammock helped her relax and prevent swelling in her feet.

Photo: Jeanne Sutton

Just like last month, the second most-bought item by readers was the tapered jersey trouser from Amazon’s U.K. fashion label, Find. They’re a U.K.-only purchase — which has left our U.S. colleagues a bit miffed.

The Trtl travel pillow has gone up one place to our third most-bought item this month. Travel writer Emma Cooke bought it after a series of lengthy deep dives on the internet, and says the pillow, which is actually more like a padded scarf, is the comfiest she’s ever used.

These shelves were featured in our roundup of the best cheap (but expensive-looking) bathroom accents, and they’re the fourth most-purchased item this month.

The Scheurich Bordy Watering System (or ‘Plant Doodad’, as we have taken to calling it in the Strategist offices) has helped writer and plant parent Coco Khan stop killing her plants, and it’s still one of the top selling items this month. “The soil only extracts what it needs, and so the risk of overwatering is eliminated.”

Just One is our best-selling board game. It came recommended by five of the experts we consulted for our story on the best party board games, and since it debuted at number eight in December, it’s gone up two places. Experts praised its simplicity and utter addictiveness.

“Like all the best products, Bensimons look like they were issued by a toppled authoritarian government,” wrote Alice Gregory. This is the first month the trainers have made it into our top ten. They’d be be a great purchase for a last-minute holiday somewhere sunny.

This back massager debuted at number eight, then went up to number five last month — now it’s gone down three places to eighth place. It’s about the size of a throw pillow — and something of a cult item in L.A., where writer Natalie Toren first saw it at the home of a designer friend. “Lymphatic-massage specialist Anna Zahn, the founder of Ricari Studios in Beverly Hills, particularly loves this gadget because it’s among the most inexpensive ways to reap the benefits of her treatments at home,” says Toren.

A first appearance in our monthly roundup, these mesh laundry bags came to our attention via writer and costume designer Alison Freer, who uses them for her delicates. “I now put everything that might need protection from an aggressive washing machine into the bags: tights, bras, underwear, stockings, leggings, slips, and swimsuits — basically anything delicate, prone to snagging, or silky,” she writes. “Even inexpensive polyester dresses from chain stores, linen pieces, and vintage items that may have fragile seams will benefit from the protection a mesh wash bag gives.”

We love Marvis toothpaste at the Strategist. This gift pack, featuring flavours like Amarelli liquorice and jasmine mint, has just stayed in the top ten. We featured it in our stocking stuffers roundup, but it clearly makes a good gift all year round.

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What Strategist Readers Are Buying This Month