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16 (Actually Stylish) Artificial Plants

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Though it’s never been easier to buy plants online, even the best-intentioned plant growers can stumble. If you enjoy the sight of greenery in your home but are frequently killing your beloved, maybe it’s time to consider an artificial, fake, or faux plant instead.

A faux plant can still make your space feel relaxing and inviting, whether you’re looking for something robust (a corner-dominating fiddle-leaf fig) or a small accent for your WFH setup (a Boston fern or a mini-succulent). We found lots of options that look just as realistic as the real thing. While most of these plants are available on Amazon, we’ve sourced some options elsewhere, too.

Alice Vincent, gardening columnist at the Telegraph, told us the ficus was an underrated plant, declaring it “the more tolerant and, dare I say it, chicer little sis of the fiddle-leaf fig.” While the (real) ficus she likes can take a bit of work, this artificial one is completely hands-off, and comes in a woven basket.

You’ll need your own pot, but these smaller yucca would be an inexpensive way to liven up a set of shelves.


This kentia palm looks Patch-worthy — the fronds will need bending after unpacking, but customers said this was easy to do (and helped it achieve a more “natural” look).

If you’re still quite taken by the dramatic-looking fiddle-leaf fig, this artificial version is a lot easier to look after.

This is an impressive imitation of an alocasia, which is characterised by its waxy-looking leaves and vibrant green veins.

These miniature succulents would look nice grouped together in a bathroom.

Perfect for artfully dangling from your balcony (or perhaps from a macrame planter).

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Experts told us that the pothos was a great plant for beginners, but if waiting for it to grow down your bookcase is testing your patience, you could buy this artificial one.

£14 for 12

These eucalyptus stems would suit being insouciantly stashed in a vase.

This monstera would look nice in a living-room corner (it would also make a nice gift for a mum or sibling).

Like ferns, orchids are notoriously hard to care for — so save yourself the trouble and consider this faux version made from silk and bamboo.

Large Artificial Bamboo Plant

Speaking of bamboo, this four-foot bamboo plant could be used both indoors and outdoors to create a bit of privacy (e.g., between your home office and your sofa).

This artificial bonsai won’t require any delicate pruning to keep it looking healthy. It also comes in a tasteful ceramic planter that would go nicely on a coffee table.

Though snake plants grow pretty much straight up, this fake features metal wiring in the branches so you can give them a slightly more realistic tweak.

A cheery-looking cactus that won’t prick your fingers.

We also like this mini set of six.

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16 (Actually Stylish) Artificial Plants