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This Mould Spray Saved Me From Regrouting My Entire Bathroom

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My bathroom is a generic one: a slightly too small bathtub, sink, and toilet packed neatly into a 2.5m-squared space. But even though I have a window and a feeble extractor fan, it gets a lot of mould — ribbons of black stuff between the tiles and ominous grey patches on the ceiling. It’s disheartening trying to live your best life in a relaxing bath when you’re surrounded by grime.

I tried so many products to shift the scum, like Dettol’s Antibacterial Mould and Mildew Remover, Ronseal’s Mould Killer, and Cillit Bang’s Black Mould Remover. But nothing resulted in the crisp white grouting I so desperately craved. Simply walking into the bathroom was making me angry, and having guests over left me cringing in shame — such was my obsession that I literally became the person at a party complaining about the state of my grouting. And then a woman at that party suggested HG bathroom mould spray. ‘It’s amazing’, she enthused. ‘It just eviscerates the mould!’ This alleged miracle spray was created by a Swedish man who originally found success in the pool-cleaning sector, and it’s apparently one of the most popular mould-fighting solutions in the U.K.

HG Mould Spray
Photo: Courtesy of the vendor

I was sceptical, but I nonetheless logged on to Amazon and ordered it right there and then. The next day, I spritzed the stuff onto all the afflicted surfaces as directed. The blurb on the bottle says to wait half an hour for it to take effect, but it started working within a matter of minutes, and when I checked on its progress 15 minutes later, my jaw hit the floor. It was as if everything were covered in freshly fallen snow: sparkling white. The grey patches on the ceiling were gone. The black gunk between the tiles was gone. The grubby stains on the silicone bits around the bathtub and sink were gone — and I’d exerted basically no effort at all.

This stuff works because it’s superpotent and full of strong chemicals such as liquid bleach and sodium hydroxide (a corrosive alkaline compound found in industrial cleaning agents). This means avoiding contact with skin is an absolute must, and it’s for white surfaces only. And, predictably, it absolutely stinks, so make sure you ventilate your bathroom thoroughly during and after using it. If you’ll be spraying it upwards onto the ceiling, it’s worth covering your face, too. It won’t stop the mould from coming back, but it will make short shrift of it when it does.

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This Mould Spray Saved Me From Regrouting My Entire Bathroom