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This Foot Cream Smooths My Heels Better Than Professionals Do

I’ve tried everything — this actually works. Illustration: Courtesy the retailer.

A version of this story originally appeared on the Strategist U.S.

Recently, my mom visited my apartment in New York, and after a round of snooping, asked what the bright-pink tube in my bathroom was. I told her that it was Heel Genius, a foot cream that I’d been given by a girlfriend during a weekend getaway last year (we do our own version of Oprah’s Favorite Things and exchange gifts). She swore by it, and now I did, too. Mom was skeptical, though, saying she had yet to find a foot cream that worked beyond giving your foot a temporary coating. I told her to try it. I knew it would only be a matter of time before she would become converted.

The stuff is better than the dozen other foot creams and treatments I’ve tried for moisturizing my feet — including everything I’ve gotten done at nail salons and spas. It’s rid my heels of dry cracks, and smoothed over calluses in a way no professional could. I’m not sure what the magical ingredient is, but it’s likely a combination of skin-soothing agents like allantoin and macadamia oil, plus the light chemical peel of fruit-acid smoothers like lemon and orange.

While the product recommends you slather on a generous amount and wear cotton socks overnight (does that sound comfortable to anyone?), all I do is put a thin layer on my feet before bed. The thick, icy blue gel goes on clear, and dries after a few minutes without any residue — sometimes I’ll use it on my rough elbows and cuticles, too. It’s become my go-to all year round: summer, when I’m practically living in sandals, and winter, when my feet are cracked from cold weather and dry air. After using the Heel Genius herself for a few days (per instructions, with socks), my persnickety mom was sold. She’s since adopted the goop as one of her own favorite things, gifting it to several of her friends — all of whom are now ready for sandal season.

Some other foot products we love

When we reached out to pedicurists, podiatrists, and spa experts for their footcare recommendations, Jin Soon founder Jin Soon Choi selected this Tony Moly foot mask. She says foot masks are similar to chemical peels for your feet, except these “have enhanced efficacy because the mask ensures that the liquid is thoroughly absorbed into the callus.” Leave it on for as long as you can, “the more time you have to allow the chemical to soak into your skin, the better it works.”

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This Foot Cream Smooths My Heels Better Than Professionals