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The 49 Best Gifts for Every Type of Dad

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No two dads are the same, so when it comes to finding the perfect gift — for his birthday or just because it’s good to get granular to get something he’ll really love. Are you buying for an artsy dad who reads every single line of text at a gallery? Or a pasta-loving dad who knows his garganelli from his agnolotti? We’ve rounded up some of our favourite gifts from the Strategist UK archives, sourcing products that come recommended from experts, cool people, and some celebrity shoppers, too (not to mention Strategist staff). While most of these gifts are available on Amazon, we’ve found some options elsewhere, too, for those who like to shop around. And to shop for everyone else on your list, visit our gift guide hub.

For the dad who is already pruning his hydrangeas

O’Keeffe’s Working Hands

If he’s prone to nicks and scratches from his pottering in the garden, this ultramoisturising hand cream (favoured by welders and clay potters) will soothe his hands.

For the dad who can’t miss Popmaster

Photo: retailer

This DAB radio, favoured by designer Charlie Casely-Hayford, could come out on his patio just in time for 10.30 a.m.

For the dad who seems a bit frazzled


Podiatrists told us this wooden foot massager can help target problem areas due to the curved shape.

For the dad who still wears his Bass Weejuns

If he’s struggling to get his penny loafers on, this highly giftable shoe horn would be a godsend.

For the dad who loves a potter round the Tate Britain

Photo: retailer

This book by Russell Tovey and Robert Diament is based off their popular podcast of the same name, and would be a great present for an art-curious dad (it also features a foreword by New York art critic Jerry Saltz).

For the dad with a bare windowsill

These plants are known for their succulentlike stems and round, coin-shaped leaves. They are low maintenance but easy to propagate if you want to grow more.

You could bundle it with an interesting pot, like this gold and cement one.

For the dad with “crispy leaf” panic

For the dad who loves Monty Don

A non-gimmicky gardening gift, ideal for weeding, digging, and other jobs in the garden.

For the dad who just got into “proper” coffee


A Strategist-recommended coffee maker that we recently named Best in Class.

For the dad who will talk to you for 30 minutes about French-roast versus Italian-roast beans

For the dad who still uses a sandwich bag as a wash bag

Sometimes the best gifts are the most functional, not the flashiest. Case in point: an easy-clean, right-side-of-stylish wash bag.

For the dad who’s really just a big kid

The Nintendo Switch continues to be one of the most popular gaming consoles around, whether he’s into Mario Kart or Animal Crossing.

For the dad who still commutes to the dining-room table

Give his work from home space a little character with this charming scale model of the planets.

For the dad who insists on WFS (Working From Sofa)

Even if he’s heading into the office a few days a week, a proper desk (that looks more expensive than it is) is still a great gift.

For the dad who swears he’s one-quarter Scottish on his mum’s side

Like anything ascribed to taste, you’ll know best what your dad’s into. But this single malt is a real crowd-pleaser.

For the dad who’s finally got a slot for the London Marathon

A nonalcoholic gift would be perfect to keep his training on track.

For the dad who needs a hobby

Jauntier than a keyboard and far easier to fit in your pocket, this comes straight from our own recommendations of the best harmonicas for beginners (even if dad says he was a pro “back in the day”).

For the dad who needs to hydrate his skin

For the dad with piles of scribbled notes on scraps of paper

Because there are only so many important things you can write on the back of receipts.

For the dad who chews his Biros

Get him a proper pen, like this sophisticated one by Caran d’Ache.

For the dad who’s eco-conscious

For the dad whose agnolotti rival the special at Ombra

This beechwood board will help him nail shapes like garganelli and fusilli.

For the dad who prefers tortellini

Filled pasta requires a gentler touch. This skimmer will get his precious pasta out of the boiling water without damage.

For the breakfast-for-dinner dad

This chef-approved waffle maker produces restaurant-quality waffles, at a home cook-price.

For the dad who takes wine seriously

Photo: retailer

An inexpensive (but fancy-looking) decanter.

For the dad who takes beer seriously

This set includes five beers, a snack, and a branded glass and comes in an easy-to-wrap box.

For the dad who doesn’t really want anything

How to make toothpaste giftable: offer a flavour for every day of the week.

For the dad who loves leftovers

Meal-prep dads to the front: This is a good alternative to Tupperware.

For the dad with a bare study

For the dad who loves to lounge in the garden (even in December)

Gifting this fire pit (with a bag of marshmallows and a set of skewers) would be fun.

For the dad who loves to lounge in front of The Great British Sewing Bee

For the dad who just heard about mirepoix

A chef’s knife is a kitchen all-rounder — and this option, by German brand Mercer, is an affordable way for him to hone his skills.

For the dad who just heard about anaerobic composting

If he’s the sort of dad who already loves fermentation, then bokashi — a bacteria-based type of composting popular in Japan — could be his next hobby.

For the dad who Hinches

A weirdly satisfying motorised squeegee: perfect for using on the shower screen.

For the dad who can’t stop asking questions

“Alexa, where were the 1956 Olympics held?”

For the dad who hits snooze

Lumie Bodyclock Glow 150

Because he still keeps his mobile phone in a drawer somewhere.

For the dad who takes out the bins

From £25

These slippers have a rubber sole, so he won’t slip.

For the dad who loves to drizzle

Joshua Pattison, founder of Bill & Beak in Camden Market, told us this olive oil was his go-to for “dressing dishes and dipping ridiculous amounts of bread into.”

For the dad who cheats at Monopoly

Giant Pass the Pigs

Get him a game that’s harder to cheat at.

For the dad who’s in a book club

Thorn’s memoir would be perfect for a sensitive, bookish sort of dad.

For the dad who’s outdoorsy

Give him the gift of sleeping under the stars (even if he just camps in the garden).

For the dad who’s outdoorsy … ish

This classic raincoat can handle the great outdoors but is just as appropriate for a city break.

For the dad with a weak spot for spare ribs

An inexpensive (but expert-approved) barbecue that’s small enough to take camping.

For the dad who swore off red meat

For the dad who is constantly on 9 percent battery

For the dad who turns it up to 11

One of the best features of these hyperenthusiastic reviewed buds is their noise-cancelling ability. One customer said they bought them to drown out the sirens that are always going off outside their flat, while another said he could listen to the football with these on and his wife wasn’t disturbed at all.

For the dad working on his handicap


This expert-recommended gadget is like a FitBit for golfers. It will track his shots and swings and let him share his results – and humblebrag – on social media.

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The 49 Best Gifts for Every Type of Dad