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The 37 Best Gifts for 4-Year-Olds, According to Experts

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“A 4-year-old’s favourite phrase is ‘I’m not a baby,’ so pick gifts which appeal to the inner child, but give a nod to the grown-up world they now feel part of,” advises Siobhan Freegard, founder of parenting video network With that in mind, we asked Freegard and 13 other parenting and child experts — from play psychologists to parenting group founders — to put together an extensive list of gift ideas for 4-year-olds, from the best books to the best outdoor toys. By the way, we also have gift guides for 1-year-olds2-year-olds, 3-year-olds, and 5-year-olds.

The best STEM toys for 4-year-olds

Little animal lovers can create fun googly-eyed characters from the soft chunky pieces in this building set recommended by Natasha Crookes, director of public affairs and communications at the British Toy and Hobby Association.

“This easy-to-use, talking microscope is a great way of nurturing children’s natural curiosity and their interest in science and nature,” says play psychologist and Good Play Guide founder Amanda Gummer. She adds that children find this toy more engaging than other microscopes as they can listen to it talking about the slides they are examining.

This car-themed construction set “is a great cause and effect toy,” says Karen Hirst, early support, education, and training manager at the Royal National Institute of Blind People. “It comes in bright chunky pieces, making it accessible visually and it is also tactile.”

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“Science and STEM subjects have never been cooler for kids and with everything rainbows trending right now, this present is the perfect mix of learning and fun,” says Freegard. Kids will no longer need to wait for the weather conditions to be just right, they’ll be able to see rainbows whenever they want with this clever projector and crystal set.

“We all love watching The Secret Life of 4 Year Olds, and with this thoughtful gift you can create your own version,” says Freegard. “4-year-olds are the ultimate digital natives and this cute and clever camera helps them make simple videos to show the family.”

“‘Who am I?’ and ‘Where am I in the world?’ are key questions all 4-year-olds love to ask,” says Freegard. “This wonderful glow in the dark map is a comforting way to teach children about the world and provides gentle illumination overnight.”

The best arty toys for 4-year-olds

“I have this bag for my son Blake and it’s his pride and joy,” says Nina Malone, founder of Dope Black Mums. “It’s washable, so it allows him to imagine, draw, and paint new designs over and over and over again, saving my kitchen walls.” She adds that it is also great for taking on journeys — “your very own portable canvas.”

“The paint and chalk sticks in this set glide easily on the whiteboard and blackboard, which makes it easy for children to draw and develop those important skills in dexterity and hand-eye coordination while practising their pincer grip,” says Gummer.

Gummer also recommends this paint sticks activity kit, which includes 20 sea-creature-themed colouring sheets. She says paint sticks are just as popular with parents as they are with children because they are “less messy than paint, but provide more paint-like results than crayons or pens”.

The best board games and puzzles for 4-year-olds

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Games can help to develop your 4-year-old’s vocabulary and allow them to practice simple maths skills, such as counting,” says Emma Fraser, teacher of the deaf at the National Deaf Children’s Society. “The Shopping List Game not only develops auditory and visual memory, it also helps your child to learn the names of a wide variety of foods and everyday items.”

When we asked experts to recommend the best family board games, Desriee Asomuyide, founder of inclusive children’s brand Little Omo, and Patrick Adom, founder of Very Puzzled, recommend this colourful game that teaches children about spending and saving. Two to six players move around the board and take turns answering questions on homework cards divided into piles suitable for those age 4 to 12 and older. Adom says it “is a wonderful board game that can be played by the whole family” and is one you will “play again and again.” “It teaches children about financial literacy in a way that they can relate to. It’s a lot of fun, and the illustrations are bold and attractive,” he adds.

Disney Eye Found It!

Another board game for 4-year-olds that came recommended was this hidden-picture game. “Cooperative games work really well with players of different ages as everyone is working together against the game, which means suggestions can be made about the possible options, helping younger players to interact with the game,” says Nick Tee, founder of Board Game Reviews. Disney Eye Found It! is a cooperative game in which one to six players race to get to Cinderella’s castle before the clock strikes midnight. “Players will win and lose together,” says Tee. “They will also frequently be scouring the board for hidden objects, giving a Where’s Wally? feel to the game.”

These educational puzzles, which teach kids about tribes in various African countries, were recommended by both Vese Aghoghovbia-Aladewolu, founder of children’s brand Philly & Friends, and Keisha Ehigie, founder of book subscription box Imagine Me Stories. Plus, they also got a shout out from Malone in our guide to keeping kids entertained indoors.

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Hirst loves that this adaptable jigsaw is “representative with inclusive images” and its “big chunky pieces make it accessible for those still mastering fine motor skills.”

The best outdoor toys for 4-year-olds

⁣”Gardening can open up a whole new world for children,” says Victoria Millsop, manager at Fledglings — an online shop that is part of a disability charity called Contact. “Gardening tools encourage children to get outside and learn about nature by digging, planting, and nurturing their gardens and watching their plants grow.” While Millsop’s recommendation is now sold out, we found a similar garden set complete with a charming wheelbarrow.


“This game is great for getting children to look at things they wouldn’t normally look at, which not only develops their observation skills but also teaches them about the world around them,” says Gummer. “We like that it challenges children to get creative, for example drawing lines on a piece of paper for ‘something stripy’ and even combining cards to challenge themselves further.”

Millsop recommends this lightweight, self-propelling ride-on toy that works on flat, hard, and smooth surfaces indoors or outdoors. There are no pedals, motors or batteries — riders simply turn the wheel to make the Didicar go.

The best books for 4-year-olds

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Rachel Vecht, a teacher and mum-of-four who founded the “Educating Matters” seminars, recommends this series of humour-filled rhyming stories as they teach “really important morals and messages about sharing, overcoming worries, dealing with change, confidence, and self-esteem.”

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“My son loves Nick Sharratt’s colourful drawings,” says Alisha Lestrade, founder of diverse doll makers Thimble & Doll. “There’s so much detail on every page, we’re still finding new things in this book and we’ve had it a while.”

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This story about an unlikely superhero is full of silly humour that will appeal to this age group. “My son knows this story back to front,” says Lestrade. “He found it hilarious.”

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This colourful picture book has become something of a modern classic for kids. Having won numerous awards and much praise for its humour, Hirst says it is a good option for a gift that will be enjoyed by both kids and parents. There is also a print and braille shared reading version available, which Hirst says is supplied with a crayon organiser, crayons, and two raised line drawings for colouring in.

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“Little ones have picture books, but 4-year-olds have The Book With No Pictures,” says Freegard. “This brilliantly clever book is an excellent introduction to help children learn to read and it is laugh-out-loud funny.”

The best role-play and small world toys for 4-year-olds

Both Fraser and Freegard suggest getting a toy till. “4-year-olds now play increasingly complicated games and will love pretending to be other people,” says Fraser. “Practising different types of conversations is great for developing social skills.” Freegard recommends this one as it comes with both a conveyor belt and a scanner.

For 4-year-olds who are hankering after a pet, Tessa Trabue, Let Toys Be Toys campaigner and co-founder of the Toymark Award, recommends this set which includes pet food, a bowl, a brush, a ball, a collar, a pet passport, and a pet carry case, so they can practise caring for their cuddly toys.

“This playset is great for encouraging imaginative play and getting children talking about their own homes and what it would be like to live in this amazing treehouse,” says Gummer. “Small world play enables children to develop their communication and social skills — as they act out different scenes, they learn about the world around them.”

Both Aghoghovbia-Aladewolu and Ehigie recommend these hand-stitched dolls. “They have a diverse collection with up to ten skin tones,” says Aghoghovbia-Aladewolu. “The dolls are unique and so pretty.” You can also commission your own unique doll with your choice of skin tone, outfit and hair colour, and style.

“My son has always been lego obsessed,” says Lestrade. “He really likes playing with the mini-figures — more than building, actually. He likes small world play and making little scenarios. At that age it’s about developing their fine motor skills and making sure they’ve got a good grip.”


Both Fraser and Gummer recommend getting a large floor piano, as they’re great for encouraging children to be active while indoors. “Encourage your child to create patterns and sequences when they move,” says Fraser.


If you’re looking for a really extravagant gift, Aghoghovbia-Aladewolu recommends getting this huge dollhouse. “My daughter just got this for her birthday and she loves it,” she says. “It’s really pretty and has lots of space in it to put other items.”

The best emotional learning toys to teach 4-year-olds

“Every morning I get my son Blake to repeat some simple affirmations with me,” says Malone. “I used to make them up, then I found out about these cards, so now he chooses three cards he wants to read and we do it together in the mirror.”

“This is an intuitive set designed to help children learn about feelings and to enable them to communicate more effectively with others,” says Millsop. “Using the components of the set children will be able to discuss, observe, and better understand how they and others feel.”

Vecht also emphasised the importance of teaching kids about emotions at this age. She recommends checking out the Generation Mindful website as it features articles on how to teach children to manage and articulate emotions. They also sell toys and games “to teach children emotional intelligence — how to handle, manage and articulate their emotions — which is so crucial at the moment.” But be aware, as these items are shipped from the US, you may incur import fees.

Alternatively, this set of flashcards is designed to help little kids understand their feelings and emotions, and is available to buy in the U.K.

The best sorting and counting toys for 4-year-olds

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Use your finger and thumb or the wooden tweezers to grab a bee and put it into the corresponding colour hive. “Made from sustainable natural rubberwood and painted with eco-water-based paints, these six beehives and bees look really cute and make for a sweet ethical toy for 4-year-olds,” says Trabue.

“An old classic but still really popular,” says Hirst. “This can be adapted for different purposes and play activities; add sound and different tactile elements to make it even more sensory.”

“This fantastic magnetic construction site and numbers maze is a fun way to learn about construction vehicles and counting,” says Trabue. She adds that it will also help 4-year-olds practise their pincer grip to get ready for writing.

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The 37 Best Gifts for 4-Year-Olds, According to Experts