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The Best Indoor Plants on Amazon

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When it comes to greenery, we’ve previously covered plants that are great for beginners, plants that look great on your balcony, and even faux plants (should your green finger be slightly lacking). And though you might be used to hitting up a garden center or plant nursery when buying a new houseplant, we’ve noticed a trove of options available from other retailers too. While most of these plants are available on Amazon, we’ve found some options elsewhere, too, for those who like to shop around. Whether you’re looking to make a statement with a large corner palm, or you’re seeking a neater option you could style on a bookshelf, we’re positive there’s a plant here that would be perfect. We’ve even found some mixed-plant sets, should you be decorating a bigger space.

These plants are known for their succulent-like stems and round, coin-shaped leaves. They are low-maintenance, but are really easy to propagate, if you want to grow more.

With leaves resembling a watermelon rind, this peperomia plant would liven up a wide variety of spaces. It can withstand dry periods and a range of light conditions, too.

Pothos are trailing plants, so are well-placed to drape elegantly down a bookcase or shelf.

Another plant ideal for high spots is the string of pearls, named for the bead-like leaves covering its stems. This plant likes infrequent watering, low light, and can even grow outside (though it doesn’t like frost).

Zamioculca zamiifolia (better known as ZZ plants) are known for their thick, green leaves, and can grow quite quickly, so might be best suited for a corner where they can stretch out.

Experts told us that Monstera (or Swiss cheese plants) are easy for beginners. They typically splay out when they grow, rather than shoot up — so aren’t suitable for small spaces.

For something that has (quite literally) evolved to fit in tight spaces, consider a snake plant. Not only do they grow straight up, but the roots enjoy being crammed in a tight space, too — this one won’t need to be repotted for up to five years.

Snake plants come in quite striking colours — we like the yellow accents on this variety.

If you’re furnishing a larger space — like a home office or a new home — you might want to consider buying a set. This one includes a snake plant, a dracaena, and a Chamaedorea elegans.


Like the pothos, ferns suit higher-up spaces, but they are quite comfortable in dark environments. They are very happy in bathrooms thanks to the extra moisture.


This peace lily would be ideal for a sunny spot, such as a conservatory.

This set is worth it for the ZZ alone, but also comes with a dieffenbachia and an areca palm. These are all tropical plants, who would suit minimal watering and plenty of light.

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Cacti are also perfect for filling awkward spaces — or nestling next to a cowhide chair for a “summer rental in Joshua Tree” energy.


Kentia palms make for quite dramatic houseplants, and they grow quite fast, too, so consider one for behind your sofa or next to your work-from-home setup.


Another dramatic option thanks to its spiky leaves.

This set features four plants that are all native to Asia. It includes a bonsai ginseng, a water chestnut, an emerald tree, and a prickly pear. Plus, the geometric pots are included.

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The Best Indoor Plants on Amazon