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48 Cheap But Expensive-Looking Kitchen Accessories

Photo-Illustration: Courtesy the retailers

We’ve previously hunted out cheap but expensive-looking accents for your bedroom and your bathroom, and now it’s time to look at the kitchen. For first-time buyers wanting to deck out new digs or a renter looking to add a personal touch, we’ve scoured the internet find the best cheap (but expensive-looking) accessories. We cross-referenced our previously reported stories on kitchen décor and snooped around for tasteful pieces (that don’t cost a small fortune), so whether you’re looking for equipment, accessories, or accent pieces, we’re confident you’ll find something you want to add to your shopping cart. While most of these items are available on Amazon, we’ve found some options elsewhere, too, for those who like to shop around.

Hario makes one of the best-value goosenecks, which also happens to be one of the best-looking.

This is an affordable (and nice-looking) tool to have on your open shelves.

A surprisingly tasteful way to recycle.

This extra-large (45-by-30cm) cutting board, made from naturally bacteria-resistant bamboo, is the right size to double as a cheese-and-charcuterie board for your next games night. Unlike plastic, it won’t warp over time.

Decanters don’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Denby used to be your mum’s favourite aesthetic, but now the Derbyshire-based crockery company is kind of heritage. This simple set is now 20% off, so you can get some grown-up plates for Ikea prices.

This steel cafetière has a dash of Wolseley-ish glamour to it.

Not only do these pastel-coloured plates look nice, but they’re made from wheat fibres, so they won’t break if you drop them.

The secret to buying knives is that unless you’re a butcher, you just need a couple of all-rounders.

These La Cafetière espresso cups in a pale-pistachio shade look premium enough to have come from Nook in Stoke Newington.

Bonus points: This oil comes in a fancy canister you could use to store utensils.

We’re big fans of enamelware at the Strategist, not only for its looks but because of its affordability, too.

Perfect for water or a cocktail, and a ridiculously good price, too.

Any excuse to introduce more fresh tortillas into your life.

Keep your morning coffee as simple and minimalist as possible.

For those who want to open bottles with a little bit of flair.

Egg timers don’t just have a job to do in the kitchen — but they look good doing it, too.


There’s a weirdly luxurious energy to these highly specific tongs.


Alessi also do a spaghetti measurer that looks like a Henry Moore sculpture.

Watching fruit teas steep in this teapot from Kinto would be mesmerising.

While this vivid red option would look nice left on your counter.

Hay makes everyday things look luxurious, like these brass-finished stainless-steel scissors.

Expensive-looking doesn’t always have to mean eclectic — just take this simple white tablecloth.

Yes, you can pull off gold cutlery. No, you don’t need to spend a lot on it.

These ceramic bowls are hand-painted, so each one feels special, even when you’re just eating cereal out of them.

These soft linen napkins come in colours like lavender and coffee, but we think the army-green ones are the nicest-looking. These come in a set of 12. [Editor’s note: This colour is low in stock, but other colours are still available].

LSA Borough Wine Glass Set
£35 for 4
£35 for 4

We like the shape of these wineglasses.

A toaster with a strong “The Jetsons via Tom Dixon” aesthetic.

A chef-y-looking pan (at a home-cook price).

Give your homemade pasta a glow-up with these classic cutters.


There’s something very proper about using a butter crock.

With a grey ombré finish, this grinder looks like something from the Conran Store.

You could go digital, or you could get this pleasingly hefty scale instead.

This draining board looks like the far-pricier ones by Hay — and can be tucked away when not in use.

These simple, striped cotton tea towels would look good in any kitchen.

Yamazaki Banana Stand

This charming hanger prevents “pressure points” (which make your bananas go mushy).

There’s something pleasingly imposing about this two-handled cheese cutter.

Who knew something to rest a spoon on could look so stylish?

Brabantia Herb Scissors

These sage-coloured scissors have five sets of blades and come with a brush for cleaning them after each snip.

Even own-brand hand soap would look nice in this dispenser.

Now you can stop pretending you know how much 1/8 teaspoon really is.

These trivets fold down into something the size of a bottle opener and can be tucked away easily.

The lid of this bread box doubles up as a cutting board — and it comes with a cloth bag, which helps keep pastries and breads extra fresh.

There’s something decidedly Nordic about this drapey cotton-linen tablecloth.

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48 Cheap But Expensive-Looking Kitchen Accessories