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The Best Outdoor Games on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Here at the Strategist UK, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing ones. (You can learn more about our rating system and how we pick each item here.) 

While we’ve written about all kinds of outdoor items before — including the best patio heaters and paddling pools — here, we’ve rounded up the best outdoor games, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on

Best-rated outdoor game overall

KandyToys 8-Piece Boules Set

This classic boules set is rated at 4.6 stars with 1,679 reviews — 74 percent of which are five stars — making it the best-rated outdoor game overall. Reviewers love the quality of the game for the price point; in fact, 23 of them commented that it was good value for money. Customers said that the game could be played on various terrains, from grass to sand, making the game suitable for both garden parties and trips to the beach. Six reviewers mentioned specifically how suited to children the set was, specifically one customer who said that he (and his cat) rested much easier now that his kids play with these plastic boules as opposed to a heavier metal set.

Best-rated variety pack

Outdoor Lawn Games Set

With 84 percent of its 531 ratings being five stars, this set comes highly recommended. Made up of 24 pieces, this set comes equipped with all that you may need to host a DIY sports day. And while there is plenty of choice for sports-day kits on Amazon, this was the only one that was consistently reviewed as suitable for both adults and children. Customers said that the set was durable and tough, and parents said that they felt confident that no amount of competitive spirit would wear out the various bits and pieces. One reviewer specifically mentioned the medals that came with the set were a wonderful touch, making their kids’ day feel that extra bit special.

Best-rated treasure hunt

Sensory Trust Treasure Hunt

If you’re looking for a way to get your kids engaged with an outdoor hike, this treasure hunt from Sensory Trust — rated at 4.6 stars — could do the job. Thirty-one reviewers said the concept, which is simple yet highly engaging, had gotten their kids excited about going outdoors. Six customers said that the treasure hunt was suitable for children of all ages. One reviewer specifically loved how the photo-heavy design of the cards meant that kids below reading age could still get involved. One reviewer, a teacher, said that the educational value that the set offered was enough to justify a purchase; 13 other reviewers said it was worth buying simply because it was so fun.

Best-rated four-player game

Giant Pass the Pigs

This giant edition of the family favourite Pass the Pigs game has found many fans in its 954 reviewers, with an average rating of 4.5 stars. Reviewers say that the inflatable pigs add a novelty element of whimsy to what is otherwise a basic game. Fifty-six reviewers called the game great fun, with various customers mentioning that both adults and children had enjoyed themselves immensely. One customer, for example, had bought the game for a “FiftyFest” camping party and reported that it had gone down a treat.

Best-rated six-player game

Traditional Garden Quoits

If you’re in the market for something a tad more traditional, this Garden Quoits set, rated at 4.4 stars, has proven popular. Thirty reviews comment on the great quality of the set, with one customer saying that it looks far more expensive than it actually costs. Four reviews said that the set was easy to assemble, and six said that it packed away neatly. One reviewer said that the product was now a must-have gift for all of their children’s friends, and another said it was an essential item to bring along on their trips to their grandparents’ retirement home.

Best-rated outdoor game for kids

Jaques of London Giant Tumble Tower

While many products on this list have been reviewed as great for little ones, this giant tumble tower is the top-rated option specifically for kids. One reviewer said that whilst their older children had enjoyed the art of removing blocks from the tower, their younger toddlers had simply enjoyed building up the tower to unceremoniously knock it back down. Another reviewer certified that the blocks were light enough so as to be safe for kids to mess around with. Forty-three reviewers loved the stylish “Jaques of London” bag that the set came with, with various customers saying that this made the game infinitely easier to carry.

Best-rated active outdoor game

Throw Throw Burrito

This throwing game has 18,500 reviews — the highest number of any product on this list by nine times — 79 percent of which are five stars. Despite the unusual setup, 20 reviewers said that it was easy to pick up the rules of the game and 12 said that family of all ages had managed to get involved. One hundred and forty reviews discussed how fun the game is, with 11 saying that they couldn’t recommend it enough. One reviewer said that they laughed so much their belly started to ache, asking fellow parents who had ever felt the urge to chuck something at their kids: “Why not a burrito?”

Best-rated status outdoor game

Tactic Mölkky

If you’ve summered in France or Scandinavia in recent years, you may already be familiar with the wildly popular Finnish lawn game Tactic Mölkky. Strategist staffer Maxine Builder actually wrote an ode to the game after discovering it on a summer evening in Paris. Much like Maxine, 23 reviewers were fans of the quality of the materials used to build the game’s pieces. One reviewer, who brought the game along with them on a trip to Spain, said it had managed to entertain not only their own family but the families in the two adjacent villas (who were now purchasing their own set). Another reviewer warned that their grass had taken a real battering since they and their friends had become addicted to playing the game, so gardeners beware.

Best-rated all-ages outdoor game

This giant dominoes set is fun for the whole family, according to 10 of its 125 reviews. One reviewer said that the dominoes had kept a group of young ones entertained during a wedding, and another reviewer said that they were a crowd favourite at her dementia-support group. Two reviews said that the numbered dominoes had been a great tool to teach their grandchildren how to count; however, a few reviewers did complain that the numbers had faded over time.
[Editor’s note: Whilst the Mightymast dominoes are out of stock, this similar set is available to buy now.]

Best-rated inflatable outdoor game

Inflatable Target Toss

In total, 26 reviewers called this inflatable darts game great fun. Various parents reported buying the product to keep their kids entertained during summertime, and a couple admitted to enjoying the odd game themselves, too. One reviewer loved how, when deflated, the board could be folded away for stress-free storage or transportation. Another reviewer said that the board simply got the job done, entertaining both his locals down in the beer garden and his grandchildren at home.

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The Best Outdoor Games on Amazon, According to Reviewers