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The Best Mattress Toppers on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Here at the Strategist UK, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing ones. (You can learn more about our rating system and how we pick each item here.)

And while we’ve written about lots of ways to get a good night’s sleep — including the best mattresses, the best pillows and travel pillows, and the best sheets — here, we’ve rounded up the best mattress toppers, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon

Note: To even the playing field a bit, we focused on U.K. double-bed mattress toppers (135cm x 190cm), but all of these toppers are available in other sizes as well.

Best-rated overall mattress topper

Dreamzie Waterproof Mattress Protector Fitted Topper
From £20
From £20

With nearly 10,000 five-star ratings, this Dreamzie mattress protector and topper has been bought and reviewed nearly four times as frequently as the next most popular Amazon product. If you’re looking for a waterproof mattress topper, it’s certainly the best-rated option on Amazon. The topper is marketed as a hybrid topper and mattress protector — accordingly, it’s noticeably thinner than other toppers, but it’s also the most affordable option on this list. To date, the topper has received glowing reviews from 1,000 U.K. customers. For 100 of them, the waterproof lining is the topper’s best feature, and there’s high praise from parents with bed-wetting children as well as folks who regularly spill their cups of tea. Many of these reviewers also love that the topper is machine washable. Despite its relative thinness, a further 100 reviewers describe the topper as comfortable, and several add that it is comfier and quieter than waterproof toppers they have used in the past. Dozens more describe the topper as durable, long-lasting, and good value in general. Dreamzie’s materials are OEKO-TEX certified and the topper comes with a 15-year warranty. Although there are some negative reviews about the Dreamzie topper’s sizing and waterproofing (including in the top reviews section) the sheer volume of positive reviews indicate this product is still a crowd favourite. Ultimately a waterproof mattress topper is not for everyone, but this one does come highly recommended for children, families who co-sleep, people with pets, and anyone who gets night sweats.

Best memory-foam mattress topper

One top-rated review says that, thanks to this memory foam topper, the buyer successfully convinced her boyfriend to abandon his taste for brick-hard beds. She goes on to report that they now both sleep without any issues — well, aside from his snoring. This mattress topper, which is made in the U.K. by Southern Foam, is the most popular memory-foam topper on Amazon with 4.4 stars across nearly 2,500 ratings. At two inches deep, it’s significantly thicker than our best-rated option, so it provides more support for buyers who may be struggling with an uncomfortable or uneven mattress. For customers, the standout factors for the Southern Foam topper are its value for money and its good quality, which are called out in the reviews by over a hundred people each. Another 80 people describe the foam as pleasantly soft, and several reviewers say the toppers were a hit with their kids. (Interestingly, a handful of buyers also recommend the topper for DIY furniture products, as the foam can be easily cut to size to fit odd bed shapes, reupholster chairs and sofas, or fit out camper vans.) The topper is available with or without a polyester cover. The review section includes some negative feedback about the sizing of these mattresses and the smell that the memory foam has when it is first used. That said, there are hundreds of happy customers who disagree with these criticisms, say they’re temporary, and emphasise that the topper’s pros outweigh the cons.

Best deeper foam mattress topper

At four inches deep, this topper is a doubly thick version of the Southern Foam topper described above. (The company also makes popular toppers in a three-inch thickness.) Like Southern Foam’s other toppers, this model does get some criticism from customers regarding its foam smell and longer-term durability. Nonetheless, the four-inch model remains super popular with Amazon customers and has 4.3 stars across 2,000 ratings. Reviewers say it demonstrates the same good qualities described above: softness, affordability, and effectiveness if you want to supplement an old, uncomfortable or cheap mattress. Given the extra depth, more than 120 buyers also say that this topper has helped relieve tension or pain while sleeping. According to one of them, the topper has done such wonders for their back that — since they began sleeping on it — it feels like they wake up ten years younger every day.

Best firmer mattress topper for back pain

RECCI 5cm Memory Foam Mattress Topper
From £76
From £76

An Amazon customer who experiences back pain bought this mattress topper after a few unsuccessful trips to massage parlours and osteopaths. They were so impressed after one sleep on the RECCI mattress that they bought the same topper for their mother, who has osteoarthritis. These stories crop up regularly in the reviews for the RECCI mattress topper, which has a 4.6-star rating and is a favourite among people who experience aches and pains. (This includes more than 40 reviewers with back, neck or joint pain.) These shoppers say that the topper is pleasantly firm, stable and supportive, and several mention that it has saved them from having to buy an expensive replacement for their below-average mattress. The topper is also a general crowdpleaser — it has received a five-star rating from 81 percent of buyers, many of whom shout out its good quality and comfortable feel. (More than half of the U.K. reviewers say the topper is comfortable, with dozens claiming that it is so comfortable it makes it harder to drag yourself out of bed.) The topper is made of a hypoallergenic bamboo viscose, which RECCI claims is breathable (and at least five people say that it has helped them sleep cool at night). The topper’s materials are OEKO-TEX certified and it comes with a ten-year warranty.

Best feather/down mattress topper

If you’re interested in softening your mattress but you’re not a fan of foam, this Homescapes topper is Amazon’s most popular option among traditional feather and down mattress toppers. It has 4.4 stars across 500 reviews and is made of a cotton fabric filled with whole goose feathers. Softness is the main attraction for 40 customers, who use adjectives such as “thick,” “deep,” and “billowy” to describe the feel of the topper. In one woman’s words, while writing the review, all she wanted to do was crawl back into bed with a hot chocolate and a good book. According to another customer, the only downside of buying one for her daughter is that it’s become even harder to get her out of bed. Several buyers also mention using this topper to soften firm mattresses, especially memory foam mattresses. According to several reviewers, the feathers do occasionally come through through the fabric, and the topper needs to be ‘fluffed up’ and shaken from time to time. However, most people emphasise that these problems are mostly avoidable and this is a small price to pay for a great night’s sleep.

Best microfibre mattress topper

For an affordable alternative to feathers and foam, where you still want to add some softness and plushness to your existing mattress, a microfibre topper is your best bet. This rejuvopedic topper, which has 4.5 stars across 2,200 reviews, is a very popular option. Unlike a foam topper, feedback suggests that this microfibre topper is built like a thick duvet, so it may not be firm enough for some people’s taste. Still, the reviews are filled with grateful university students and renters who praise the topper for saving them from poky springs and lumpy mattresses. Over 100 people praise the good value and more than 200 reviewers confirm that the microfibre is soft: One person even refers to the topper as a giant slab of marshmallow. Another 30 reviewers say that the topper is great for making sofa beds feel like real mattresses. The topper is box-stitched to ensure that the microfibre filling remains evenly dispersed, but like the feather topper above, reviewers suggest giving it a good shake every now and again. If you do that, dozens of people say the topper will last well and stay plump.

Best hypoallergenic mattress topper

Silentnight Airmax Mattress Topper, Polyester, White, Double
From £27
From £27

If you want a microfibre topper but you’re concerned about allergies, dust, or breathability, hundreds of Amazon shoppers recommend this hypoallergenic Silentnight topper. The topper is part of Silentnight’s Airmax range, which is designed to maximise airflow and reduce heat. 100 reviewers call this topper satisfyingly soft (or, in the words of one reviewer, smooshy). Another 30 say that it keeps them cool or prevents overheating, including several women with menopause. Another 60 simply say it helps them sleep better. It’s worth noting that many reviewers emphasise that this topper won’t revolutionise a broken mattress — it just adds an extra layer of comfort. The topper, which has 4.5 stars from nearly 2,000 ratings, is made of polyester microfibre and is machine washable.

Best softer mattress topper

Like sleeping on a cloud. That’s the review that 25 different customers gave this extra-thick topper from High Living. The topper is filled with polyester hollowfibre, is machine washable and hypoallergenic. It has 4.6 stars across 1,200 ratings. Reviews are full of the usual praise, describing this topper as good quality and good value. But according to most shoppers, comfort is what sets this topper apart — hundreds describe the topper as soft or snuggly, with 25 reviews describing the topper as luxurious. This makes all the difference for some buyers: There are glowing reviews from over 20 buyers with fibromyalgia, arthritis or sciatica, as well as 40 who experience general aches and pains. Each of them say that this topper relieved the pain they used to experience while lying in bed, and several add that it has helped them sleep through the night.

Best padded mattress protector

Highliving ® Quilted Mattress Protector Cover
From £16
From £16

If you’re looking for a little extra padding but you’re not set on finding a traditional topper, this thickly-quilted mattress protector is the #1 best seller among Mattress Pads, Protectors & Toppers on Amazon. It has 4.5 stars across 4,000 ratings and, like our best-rated option, is one of the most affordable options if you’re on a tight budget. The topper is made of cotton and filled with polyester, which is quilted in a diamond pattern to stop clumping. Shoppers say it adds softness to firm mattresses, and since it grips the mattress like a fitted sheet, over 800 people complement the way it fits the bed and doesn’t move while you’re lying on it. (The fabric skirting is also deep enough that, according to several customers, it can go over both a mattress and an additional, thicker mattress topper — if you want to go the whole nine yards.) The protector is also easy to clean: Hundreds of reviews happily report that it can be thrown in the wash, and a handful of people describe washing off stains with ease.

Best mattress topper for hot sleepers

Prone to night sweats? Constantly kicking off the duvet? You might benefit from this highly rated “gel-infused” mattress topper. At 4.7 stars overall — and 94 percent four and five-star ratings — this is arguably the highest-rated topper on this list. It’s made by a brand called Panda Life that specialises in bamboo bedding, and this memory-foam topper is specifically designed to help you keep cool at night. (Bamboo is known to be cooling, but apparently the gel-infused foam is also a natural temperature regulator). More than 25 reviewers confirm that they’re comfortably cool sleeping on this mattress topper, including several women who experience hot flashes. As one person says, unlike other memory foam mattresses, the Panda one doesn’t turn their bed into a sauna. For another reviewer, the gel also gives the memory foam the right balance of support, firmness and bounce. Some buyers indicate that this topper was not firm enough for their liking, or that they didn’t personally experience cooling benefits. But the praise outweighs the criticism: Over 100 shoppers say that they would recommend the topper to others, 50 call the topper supportive, and — although this topper is more expensive than others on this list — more than 40 people say that the results were well worth the investment. (“You get what you pay for” is a common refrain.) The bamboo cover is hypoallergenic, removable and washable, and the topper comes with a ten-year manufacturer guarantee.

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The Best Mattress Toppers on Amazon, According to Reviewers