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37 Cheap (But Expensive-Looking) Nursery Accents That You Can Buy on Amazon

Photo: Courtesy of the retailer.

We’ve previously hunted out cheap-but-expensive-looking accents for your bedroom and your kitchen, and now it’s time to look at the nursery. For new parents wanting to personalise their little one’s space, or an auntie or uncle on the hunt for a gift, we’ve scoured Amazon to find the best cheap (but expensive-looking) accents. Below, everything from a delightful cheese-themed toy to a traditional dollhouse for a great price.

They’re never too young for a reading nook — and this one is half the price of others on the market.

This mouse-and-cheese puzzle, designed to develop hand-eye coordination, is also the kind of toy you’d love to leave lying around.

This yellow and grey geometric runner would be great in a hallway or bedroom, but we like the idea of it jazzing up a nursery.

Or what about adding a touch of yeehaw instead?

This play mat has a minimalist design, which makes it feel quite elegant for 12 pounds.

Some floating shelves would be a nice way to display assorted objects without taking up floor space.

The bold colours and simple design give this a Tate-gift-shop feel.

This print would look nice against a white wall. (Note: it comes unframed.)

Or how about going full-on minimalism with this black-and-white bear?

The open shelving can be used for storage or display (also available in grey and antique brown).

This sturdy changer also comes with drawer space.

This Nordic-inspired mobile is made of felt and will entertain little ones while looking stylish.

We also like this wood and felt mobile for its interesting shapes and textures.

This handmade pendant shade looks like it costs a lot more than £15.

This hamper has extendable straps, so you can carry it with ease.

This large rope basket is easy to take from room to room, so it would make a useful washing basket.

A stool is essential for big and little guests. This rectangular one is simple but stylish.

We also like this darker-stained round stool, which can be tucked away when not needed.

This bin holds 30 nappies, and individually seals each one to prevent odours from spreading.

We also love this goofy banana.

A set of stylish wooden blocks that would look good in any room.

Or how about some colour? We like these chalky-hued blocks.

This is a good price for a dollhouse, which can cost three times as much.

Bunting adds colour and texture to a nursery. This yellow and grey set features tiny elephants.

Or how about these fabric ones, which come in a range of different styles (we like the blue hues)?

A giant polar bear is less sensible (but way more fun) than a teddy bear.

But even a polar bear is sensible compared to this giant plush whale shark.

A tasteful, minimalist rocker is a nice decorative item they can play with as they get older.

… but consider this comical rocking sheep instead.

These stacking penguins are hand-painted and would be at home on a floating shelf or a bookcase.

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37 Cheap But Expensive-Looking Nursery Accents