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The Best Storage Baskets on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Here at the Strategist UK, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing ones. (You can learn more about our rating system and how we pick each item here.)

And whilst we’ve written about homeware before — including mattress toppers, anti-snore pillows, and scented candles — here, we’ve rounded up the best storage bins and baskets for everyone, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

Best-rated storage basket overall

Indressme Cotton Rope Basket (XXXLarge)

With over 10,000 ratings, this extra-large storage basket has 86 percent five-star reviews. Made from cotton rope and available in four different two-tone colour schemes, 110 reviewers agree that the basket is well-made, with a further 60 praising the quality. One customer says that they use this as a washing basket, purchasing it after wanting something more aesthetically pleasing than the ‘ugly, plastic basket’ they had been using previously. Another reviewer uses the basket to store cuddly toys, adding that it fits plenty of their children’s toys — 39 buyers overall agree that the basket is a good size. Another bonus is the foldable aspect, alongside the robust handles that make this easy to carry around the house.

Best-rated (less-expensive) storage basket overall

Sea Team Canvas Hamper

A cheaper option than our best-rated overall is this sturdy, canvas-fabric basket, which comes in two different sizes and a variety of patterns. One happy customer, who uses this as a basket for their blankets, confirms that despite the low price, this isn’t ‘cheap-looking’. With an iron ring inside the material and the thick canvas fabric, this is a pretty sturdy option (scroll down for the best fabric storage basket if you want something a bit more malleable). Another reviewer writes that they bought this in both sizes to use for their storage cupboards, adding that they’re very happy with their purchase.

Best storage basket for kids

3 Sprouts Canvas Storage Basket

For playrooms and kids’ bedrooms that are overflowing with toys and dress-up outfits, storage baskets can be essential to keep the house looking tidy. With 80 percent five-star reviews, this basket comes highly recommended; 444 reviewers use this for their kids’ toys, and 152 speak highly of the basket’s quality. One customer, who purchased their first basket nearly eight years ago and now has four of them, calls the design ‘cute without being too cutesy’ and loves how many toys can fit in the storage bin. There are several different animal-themed designs, and the bin folds away when not in use — but 152 reviewers confirm the sturdiness of the material. There’s also a waterproof seal inside, making it even easier to clean.

Best multi-use storage basket

La Jolíe Muse Storage Baskets

Most of the bins and baskets on this list can be used for whatever purpose works best, but the size variety of these woven baskets means that they can be used in different rooms to store products of lots of different sizes. One reviewer admits that after binge-watching Marie Kondo, they purchased these boxes to organise their clothes within their wardrobe and drawers, and will now be buying more for their kids’ clothes. Another uses the set, which has four different basket sizes, to keep their bathroom cabinets organised, and yet another has used them within their TV unit to store remotes, controllers, and cables. Thirty customers are confident that the baskets, which are made from recycled paper, are sturdy.

Best-rated stylish storage basket

Dokot Natural Seagrass Storage Basket

With a more unique design, these handmade baskets can be used as more of a stylish décor choice than simply a way to store clothes or blankets — some reviewers use this basket, which comes in six different sizes, as a plant pot. One customer says they use this to store pet toys, leaving the basket on its side so that the dog can reach the toys, and calls the quality ‘excellent’. Another, who purchased the largest size for their living room, states that there’s enough room inside for a rolled-up blanket and a large cushion, with some empty space left over. Yet another reviewer calls this ‘ideal’ for their skin and makeup products — they love how the height of the basket means that their products won’t fall out.

Best-rated set of storage baskets

EZOWare Foldable Cube Storage Boxes

A set of storage baskets can be an alternative (temporary or otherwise) to a set of drawers or wardrobe when storing clothes; one reviewer of this set of six comments that they purchased these to put in their son’s wardrobe, adding that they were easy to assemble. Like a few of our options on this list, these boxes can easily be folded away, with a harder panel inserted into the bottom of the basket to open it out. Eighty-one reviewers comment on how sturdy the boxes are, while 45 are happy with the value for money. One buyer, who includes a picture of their cats sitting happily in the boxes, claims they were able to fit so much more than they originally hoped, calling the boxes ‘smart-looking’.

Best-rated storage basket for the bathroom


Also made from recycled paper, these woven baskets come in a set of three different sizes, making them ideal for shelving units or bathroom/bedroom cupboards, with six different colours available to match an existing colour scheme. Thirty-one reviewers mention using the baskets in their bathroom, with one writing that the boxes are sturdy enough to hold bathroom ‘bits and bobs’ but also soft enough to move around and with no risk of leaving any scratches on their new furniture. Another customer, who calls the baskets ‘beautiful’ and ‘classy’, loves how sturdy the material is, adding that they easily fit a lot of toiletries.

Best-rated storage basket for the kitchen


This six-litre, plastic rectangular basket comes at a very low price point, meaning it won’t break the bank to purchase several of these for a kitchen cupboard or larder. With 81 percent of its reviews being five stars, this is a very popular option for kitchen storage, though one reviewer reports that they use their basket to store shower toiletries on their bathroom windowsill, making bathroom cleaning much easier. Thirty-four buyers speak positively of the quality, and 51 commend the basket’s sturdiness. Another customer claims they own ‘no end’ of these boxes for their wardrobes, storage units, and bedside drawers, while yet another uses the basket for heavy jars in their kitchen, adding that (as long as you don’t overfill them) they do stack well on top of each other.

Best-rated storage basket with lid

AlphaHome Large Storage Boxes with Lids

If storage boxes are going to be living under the bed or in the wardrobe, or you just don’t want the contents to be visible, you might need a basket with a lid. One reviewer uses these large, foldable storage boxes in their office to store old storage materials and loves how they can be stacked on top of each other as well as carried with ease due to the reinforced handles. The boxes come in large or extra-large, with the option of two-packs or three-packs, and they easily fold away, like many of the boxes on our list; one customer confirms that they fold down to about an inch in height and are still lightweight despite holding a lot of weight. Another happy buyer says the box fits their needs perfectly, adding that they were so impressed after ordering an initial two boxes that they ordered four more.

Best-rated foldable storage basket

Posprica Collapsible Storage Boxes

These foldable storage boxes are highly rated, with 86 percent of the 5,388 ratings being five stars. One customer — who purchased the 33 x 33 x 33 cm option — loves how they fit perfectly in IKEA’s Kallax storage units. These boxes don’t come with lids, but they do feature reinforced metal handles and can be folded away easily by removing the cardboard layer, which fits into the bottom of the box, and inserting again to expand the boxes when needed. Considering the low price point, 232 buyers are happy with the quality, while a further 311 call the boxes sturdy. Another reviewer notes that the lightweight boxes fit easily into their bookcase, which makes them great for decluttering, and loves how roomy they are.

Best-rated fabric storage basket

A few of the storage baskets and boxes we’ve included here are better suited for storing heavier objects, but a fabric option might be better for those who want to use their basket for laundry or storing lighter things. One reviewer of this basket says that after always having a Divan bed (with built-in storage), they purchased this to keep clothing under their new bed. Another used this as a hamper to gift birthday presents in — they love how much you can fit in the basket and the fact that there’s a drawstring to close the top. Yet another customer, who claims they don’t know why they never thought about this sort of storage before, was so happy with the larger (70-litre) option for storing their duvets that they have now ordered the smaller (31-litre) version for storing towels and flannels. Like the best storage basket for kids, this one has a waterproof inner layer and easily folds down to an inch in height when not being used.

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The Best Storage Baskets on Amazon, According to Reviewers