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The Best Video Games to Play on Your VR Headset (According to a Verge Reporter)

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This story originally appeared on the Verge, where our colleagues cover everything from the best TVs, connected thermostats, and tablets to buy, as well as the routers that will send the strongest Wi-Fi signals to them. They also have an extensive testing system for laptops and other devices. Here, Verge reporter Taylor Lyles lists the VR games she’s playing (and enjoying) at the moment.

Whether you’ve got the newly released Oculus Quest 2, one of the last few units of the now discontinued Oculus Rift S, or another headset like the PlayStation VR, there are a ton of video games for you to explore with your new head-mount display. Here are ten games I personally enjoy and think are worth your time and money.

Yeah, it’s not Half-Life 3. But the fact that Half-Life: Alyx even exists is truly a blessing and is a great addition to the Half-Life franchise. Set five years after the events of Half-Life 2, you control Alyx, who is tasked with taking a super weapon that belongs to an alien empire.

When I was a little girl, I always wanted to pilot an X-wing. I thought it was so cool to be soaring through space and blasting TIE fighters out of the sky. So when EA announced that Star Wars: Squadrons would have VR support, I knew I could finally fulfill my childhood dream.

It’s a very difficult game, and you don’t need a VR headset to play. But it’s also a very rewarding game that fully immersed me when I strapped on a virtual-reality headset.

When I was growing up on the eastern shore of Maryland, fishing was (and is) a very popular activity in the summer. There’s something great about casting your line with a cold drink in hand while on the water, and the challenge and patience it takes to reel in a fish. Now that it is winter, I needed something to fill the void until the warmer season returns once again, and Real VR Fishing does not disappoint.

Void Racer: Extreme is a sci-fi racing game that gives me the same adrenaline rush that I get from games like Wipeout or Sprint Vector and combines it with an aesthetic like that seen in the film Tron. If you are looking for a fast-paced racing game and love sci-fi vibes, this is the game for you.

Sure, there are no true PS5 games released yet, but the PlayStation VR still has a solid library of PS4 titles that you can check out, including Media Molecule’s 2020 game-creation title Dreams. It’s not a video game in the traditional sense — it’s more of a game about creating games. Dreams strongly encourages players to embrace their creative side, and you would be surprised by what type of user-generated content you can create.

Rez Infinite is a techno-fueled shooter with sublime and trippy graphics that is truly a breathtaking experience. It’s released on practically every virtual-reality gaming headset, which makes it very accessible to play.

Although Beat Saber was originally released in 2019, this is still one of the best VR games around, and it’s one that every VR-headset owner needs to experience. A rhythm game where you use lightsaberlike drumsticks to slice through musical beats? You can’t beat that. The game has also expanded to a slew of content packs, which include original songs and some licensed songs from bands like Linkin Park and BTS.

Among the many things I miss due to the pandemic is sports. Namely, the ability to go to a basketball court and shoot some hoops. After some asking around, I heard about a really decent VR simulation title called VR Shoot Around, and it did not disappoint. Oh, and did I mention this game is only £4?

Developed by Squanch Games, this game (which was released last year for the Oculus Quest) is one of the goofier titles available on VR headsets. And if you are a fan of Rick and Morty, you will surely get a kick out of this game — in fact, it was created by Justin Roiland, one of the co-creators of that series.

Like its predecessor, Pixel Ripped 1995 is a love letter of sorts to the decade it is set in: the ’90s. It’s a sequel to Pixel Ripped 1989 and will make anyone who grew up during the 16-bit or 32-bit era of gaming feel nostalgic.

And some headsets to play the games on

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The Best Games to Play on Your VR Headset