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I No Longer Chop, Grate, or Julienne Without These Cut-Resistant Gloves

Photo: Courtesy of Evridwear

Last year, I sliced off the tip of my index finger while making avocado toast, and had to cart myself to the emergency room for stitches. I was, admittedly, distracted when it happened: I’d just woken up, was half-occupied by an episode of Law & Order: SVU, and was too hungry to locate my cutting board. And though I knew, post-severing, that easy measures (like using the proper equipment and focusing on the cooking task at hand) would likely be sufficient in preventing a repeat incident, I have to admit: I was scared to cook again. For almost a year afterward, I abstained from chopping, grating, and julienning.

That is, until my friend — who had recently lost her thumb knuckle (yes, her entire thumb knuckle) to an unfortunate mandolin accident — showed me her pair of EvridWear Cut Resistant gloves. She’d received them from her sister, who’d heard about them by way of Chrissy Teigen (who tweeted about them back in March). I’d heard about cut-resistant gloves before, but assumed they’d be difficult to cook in — bulky and heavy and generally inconvenient. But when I tried on the EvridWears at my friend’s house, I found my assumptions were all wrong: These things were cute, lightweight, and didn’t remotely impede my dexterity. They were so comfortable, in fact, that I immediately bought my own pair — and soon worked up the courage to begin cooking again.

The gloves are tightly knit with high-performance polyethylene glass fibers, which means they’re truly impossible to cut through. (Just look at the picture they use to advertise the things — the hand is absolutely clutching the knife.) And they’re easily washable, which makes them great for cooking with anything especially fragrant or messy you’d rather not get on your hands. I’ve recently started wearing them while cutting and tending to my monstera plant as well, to avoid any potential scissor accidents. (Amazon reviews suggest they’re also perfect for grooming bite-y dogs, crafting, and woodworking.) My feeling now, after a couple months using these things regularly, is: If it is compulsory to wear oven mitts when hot things are involved, it should be compulsory to wear cut-resistant gloves when sharp things are involved. They come in pink, gray, and blue and cost about £18 for two pairs. In other words: For less than the cost of an order of avocado toast at a café, I can make my own, completely safe, without fear, forever.

We also spotted these kitchen cut-resistant gloves have almost 2,000 positive reviews, are food safe and machine washable.

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I Refuse to Cook Without My Cut-Resistant Gloves