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Whether I’m Working Out in the Gym or Hiking in Guatemala, I Wear These Never-Fall-Down Leggings

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One day three years ago, I arrived home from the gym with a frantic urge to strip my leggings off and burn them on a pyre. I had just suffered through another infuriating cardio session where I had to endlessly hoist my women’s Nike Pro 365 leggings up to prevent them from rolling below my hips. At the time, I was working out four to five times a week, doing a combination of cardio and strength training, and it seemed like I couldn’t win: No matter how much I spent on leggings, within a few months they lost elasticity and fell down — and friction caused holes to appear on the inside seam.

Luckily, I knew who to ask for advice: my housemate, a black belt in kickboxing and frequent gymgoer. I told her I needed leggings that were squat-proof, didn’t fall down when running, and, if possible, weren’t too expensive — around £40 was my ideal limit. Her recommendation was instant: Gymshark. She owned four pairs of its leggings (two of the Glow Seamless Tights and two of the Vital Seamless leggings), all of which she praised for their high-compression fit, durability, and aesthetic colour selection. I was sold by her review, so I tried on a pair of her Vital Seamless Leggings (I wasn’t keen on the holes in the Glow Tights) for the fit. My decision to purchase was finalized when I spotted the Seamless leggings in a gorgeous pastel sky-blue colour, right on budget at £40.

The Vital Seamless leggings are truly high-waisted — I’m five-foot-eight and they go up to the middle of my waist. The supportive ribbed waistband hugs my figure, but not too tightly — they feel comfortable, but not restrictive. Despite the fact that my leggings are in a soft-hued blue, they’ve never gone even slightly see-through. As they’re made out of a sweat-wicking material, which draws moisture away from the body, the leggings feel super-breathable, which definitely helps if you’ve had a sweaty gym session or you’re working out in summer (or both). Even after three years of washing-machine cycles and gym sessions, my original pair has retained its shape and elasticity. I found that when I had to switch up my workout routine in lockdown — which, like so many others, consisted of Joe Wicks and Yoga With Adriene classes on YouTube — my Gymshark leggings never fell down, no matter the workout.

A few months after buying my first pair, I bought a second pair of Vital Seamless leggings in purple, and last month I purchased them again in black. And when I go on holiday, at least one pair of my Gymshark leggings has a reserved space in my carry-on. In 2019, my housemate (the same one who put me onto Gymshark) and I backpacked through Central America, and spotting my bright-blue Gymshark leggings in group photographs is like playing the world’s easiest game of Where’s Wally? From 4,000-metre volcano hikes in Guatemala, to volcano boarding in Nicaragua, my Gymshark leggings withstood (and continue to withstand) endless wear-and-tear challenges. This year, I took my black pair with me on a trip to Swedish Lapland. While I’m not saying they’re warm enough to withstand minus-20-degree temperatures without an additional layer — that would truly be impressive — they did provide much-needed flexibility on hilly treks through the snow. While writing this, I noticed Gymshark has added more colours to its Vital Seamless 2.0 collection; is it too soon to buy pair No. 4? Probably.

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I Take These Never-Fall-Down Leggings Everywhere I Travel