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How to Pitch to the Strategist UK

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If there’s a product you truly love, we want to hear about it. It can be mundane, or unglamorous – we have, after all, written odes to a shower scrubber, a dehumidifier, and a water flosser. It can be a product that has an oddly specific cult following – like this water bottle that all the staff at the Guardian own. It can be a product that is stylish but also solves a problem – like this satin-lined bonnet. Or it can be something that is so wonderful, you simply can’t stop telling people about it – like these slightly viral dining-room chairs. Most important, though, the item should surprise us.

We’re also interested in your speciality and stories that you are uniquely qualified to write – are you someone who knows all there is to know about, say, collecting pincushions? A board-game maker who can recommend some under-the-radar finds (that’s a story we’ve already commissioned by the way)?

You don’t need to be a journalist to pitch to us – we’ve had contributors who are artists, chefs, costume designers and more. If you want to pitch, email ailbhe.malone@thestrategist.co.uk with a brief overview of your idea, and a note on why you’re the person to write it. Please also include a suggested headline. The whole thing should be under 200 words or so. Try and think of a narrative arc before pitching, and think of how you’d tell your friends about it. A good example is: “I’ve worn this red lipstick every day for the past three years, and it never budges, isn’t drying, and is only £7’” A less-enticing example is: “I love this fancy perfume, because when I wear it I feel confident”. Each story runs from 400-700 words. You can expect a couple of rounds of tight edits, and your editor works closely with you to produce the best possible draft.

A note: When it comes to beauty pitches, we’re only interested in products that offer a wide-range of shades, and when it comes to fashion pitches, we’re only interested in products that cater to a wide range of body types. If you are pitching something that you received for free, you must disclose it at the beginning. We do not accept pitches from people who have a commercial or mutually beneficial relationship with the product.

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How to Pitch to the Strategist UK