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These £14 Silk Pillowcases Afford Me Cut-Price Elegance (and Frizz-Free Hair)

My preferred silk pillowcase, by Lily Silk. Photo: Natalya Lobanova

I’ve been using silk pillowcases since my early 20s, when I made it my mission to grow my hair as long (and as healthy) as possible. Despite the fact that I stopped using any heat on it, washed it only twice a week, and kept it braided most of the time, it still seemed impossibly, frustratingly frizzy. I could spend hours perfecting a blow-dry, only to have it all go to waste the next day when my hair went back to its frizzy self after a night of tossing and turning. I learned that sleeping on a silk pillowcase could really help, but I didn’t want to spend over a hundred pounds for two pillowcases from a higher-end brand like Slip — so naturally, I went on Amazon.

The first set I bought were cheap but good, which is why I repurchased them twice more over the years. They are made by a brand called Jasmin Silk, and I bought two for around £22 (though the price can fluctuate a little, it never goes above £12 each); however, they started to tear at the seams after about a year. This means they lasted about 54 machine washes (generally at 30 degrees, but I’ve definitely put them in a few 60-degree washes accidentally).

Earlier this year, when I was ready to repurchase for a fourth time, I spent a little more (just £2.50 extra) and chose a set by Lilysilk. The reviews swayed me to change my loyalties: Customers said Lilysilk pillowcases are far more durable and have a noticeably lustrous sheen on the silk part that doesn’t fade quickly. Also, unlike the Jasmin Silk ones, they close with a zipper, which I believe helps with their longevity. (And I absolutely hate pillowcases that ride up during the night).

Seeking cut-price elegance, I purchased the Lilysilks. When I first opened them, the silk was so shiny it made my old pillowcases look like crêpe. You have the option of getting them in a nice presentation box, so they would make an excellent gift (for about £2 more). But as they was just for me, I opted for the cheaper version, and they arrived individually packaged in zip-up plastic bags.

These pillowcases are a dream to sleep on, and, like my previous set from Jasmin Silk, they’re machine washable (though only on the delicate setting, of course). I have washed them at least a dozen times, and the silk is still very shiny and luxurious looking, and, unlike the Jasmin Silks, there are no signs of any seams fraying. I’ve had them for about four months, and even with regular machine washes, they’re still as lustrous as ever. You can choose from six colours, though I have only ever bought the ivory (off-white). If you don’t like the look of satin bedding, you can always flip the silk side down so they look like plain white cotton. Using some quick maths, they cost just 3p per night of use, which is an incredibly cost-efficient way to wake up with sleek, healthy hair.

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These £14 Silk Pillowcases Afford Me Cut-Price Elegance