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Some Things to Buy to Support Restaurants in London Right Now

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This story was originally published on our UK sister site: Eater London.

With forced closures, restricted capacities and abrupt pivots to delivery-only models being just the tip of the pandemic iceberg that’s made a titanic collision with London’s hospitality industry, things are looking rather bleak right now for just about everyone involved in restaurants. Combine that havoc with a £12 billion coronavirus relief package, that doesn’t look to provide much relief at all for London restaurants, and there really is no more crucial time than now to support the industry that’s kept you fed and entertained. One of the ways you can show some love to your favourites during this tough time — and also maybe make yourself look really cool in the process — is by buying their merch. Whether it’s a very hypebeasty t-shirt from Yard Sale Pizza, a statement tote from Lyle’s, or a Morley’s mug, there’s plenty of options out there for you to show your support in the most stylish way possible.


Drape yourself in an ode to the city of brotherly love with Passyunk Avenue’s Citywide Special t-shirt. What’s a Citywide Special, you ask? It’s a unique-to-Philly drinks deal where you can get a beer (typically Pabst Blue Ribbon) and a shot of whiskey (typically Jim Beam) together for a discounted price. Wear this tee with pride but absolutely do not wear it when you’re chowing down on one of Passyunk’s hefty philly cheesesteaks. Cheez Wiz down your front is not a good look.

A unisex item that’s perfect for the plant-based person in your life, CookDaily’s “Knife Skills” t-shirt — bearing the slogan “Vegan No Blood No Bones” on the reverse — is made from 100% combed organic cotton and comes with a Fair Wear Foundation certification and a Global Organic Textile Standard certification to boot. Best of all though: it just looks fucking cool.

This simple screen-printed tee from the mensches at Monty’s Deli is the perfect solution for when you find yourself in a pickle about what to wear. The only downside, of course, is the inevitable moment that you encounter someone shouting “pickle rick!” at you at the top of their lungs. Not ideal. [Editor’s note: This t-shirt is currently sold out, but you can sign up to be notified when it’s back in stock.]

Printed on earth-positive tees and manufactured by Continental Clothing, this might just be the ultimate ethical t-shirt. It’s organic, climate neutral, and signals to everyone around you that you’re the kind of plant-based person who cares about their protein intake. There’s no downside, really. Apart from people maybe thinking you’re a Satanist.

This simple tee from the pie people at Pieminister is the absolute business. Not only does it look great — and show that you’ve impeccable taste in filled pastries — but it’s also printed using low waste technology by a certified organic company in the U.K.

Wolfing down a slice of Voodoo Ray’s while you’re half-cut and hungry is a rite of passage many Londoners have experienced. Because, let’s be honest here, there’s not much that’s more satisfying than eating a giant fucking pizza, is there? This t-shirt from Voodoo Ray’s is an advocate of that gospel and will have you delivering a proper pizzaiolo aesthetic wherever you don it.

This tee was designed by London-based artist Patrick Schmidt for Yard Sale Pizza’s dangerously delicious Jessie Ware collaboration pizza. Not only will it have you serving looks at the same astonishing rate that Yard Sale Pizza serves slices, but £1 per sale goes to the Nightingale Hammerson charity. Eat good, do good, look good.

“Happiness is only real when shared” is a mantra that applies to many important aspects of life. Such as sex or – y’know – feelings. Sharing pizza, however, is not something that comes highly recommended. Eschewing friendship and getting a whole pie all to yourself whenever you visit any Pizza Pilgrims joint in the city is the move to make. Just be wary that if you do that wearing one of their slick t-shirts, you might just end up with the marinara stain of your worst nightmares.

There’s no better way to pay homage to London’s most iconic nose-to-tail restaurant than with one of the most recognisable tees going; a statement piece that’s been donned by an innumerable number of the London dining fooderati. As simple as the restaurant’s pared-back approach to cooking, St. JOHN’s pig logo is printed in black on a white organic Fairtrade Cotton shirt for striking effect. Wear it at your favourite Hackney wine bar for ultimate Eater points.

The Highball Mania happy hour at BAO Borough, where from Monday to Wednesday between the hours of 5 and 6.30pm all highball pitchers are 50% off, is an excellent way to get absolutely twatted on high-quality alcohol. Wearing the Highball Mania T-shirt while you’re sat at the bar, double-parked with two Woo-Hi cocktails and a hail Mary attitude, is an excellent way to preserve some decorum while you’re at it.

Available in relaxing shades of blue or pink, and printed by Done London on Russell Athletic Heavyweight T-Shirts, the Forza Win t-shirt is a real thing of beauty: a sturdy, aesthetic shirt that’s boxy fit will look great on just about anyone. Just make sure that you’ll be able to hold a conversation for at least fifteen minutes about what biodynamic wine actually is while you’re wearing it. With great power comes great responsibility.

Palace t-shirts are the kind of hypebeast streetwear clobber you’re only allowed to wear if you know the difference between a pop shove-it and a kickflip. This pecorino t-shirt from Tottenham cheese shop, Wine & Rind, is the kind of thing you’re only allowed to wear if you know the difference between an Époisses and a comté.

Whether you’re visiting them on Emma Street or Leonard Street, Kiwi coffee roasters Ozone Coffee pour some of the best coffee you’ll find in the city. God knows they’ve helped countless freelancers get through some pretty bleak times. So, as a thank you for all that caffeination, why not nab yourself a nifty Ozone t-shirt? The fact it comes emblazoned with the Ozone logo – a signifier of excellent taste to all who know their beans – is just an added benefit.

Designed by graphic designer Mike McCabe, this ‘Winner Winner Bacon Dinner’ T-shirt is a cute and cartoony piece that’ll look just grand while you’re queuing up to take an Instagram snap of The Breakfast Club’s much-feted pancakes at 9am on a Saturday, (for takeaway.)

There’s nothing you love more than the smell of freshly ground Brazillian coffee beans in the morning. So, why not show the world just how much of a java jock you are with a baseball tee from East London roastery Climpson & Sons?


Tote bags are designed for keeping all your important trinkets and doodahs in. Everyone knows that. But did you know that they also make excellent feed bags for wearing around your neck and filling with Pastaio’s delicious tagliatelle*? Designed by artist Rob Lowe (aka Supermundane), this tote is a statement in and of itself. *Do not actually put fresh pasta in this tote bag. That is a terrible idea.

If you’ve ever seen someone rocking this tote bag while jaunting around London you’ve probably thought to yourself: “God, they look cool. I bet they’ve got their life properly together and haven’t ever bought a bottle of Echo Falls on a Saturday night…” The truth is that none of us actually have our lives together, but this cheeky tote from Noble Rot is a great way to fool people into thinking that you do.


The sandwiches at Bodega Rita’s cosy King’s Cross sandwich shop are very large and very delicious. Which is why you shouldn’t be surprised that their stylish tote bags are also heavy-duty, screen printed, and made from organic heavy weight cotton. Ideal for tucking a hefty takeaway sandwich inside.


You could argue that the most interesting thing about the Cereal Killer Cafe is the bizarre fantasies that play out in your mind after you accidentally type out ‘Cereal Killer Cage’ into the keyboard. But this enamel badge is pretty neat, too. Wear your badge with honour.

These fully organic and biodegradable bamboo coffee cups from Grind are a great way to show the world that: A) you care about the planet, and B) you care about your morning coffee. Besides all that, the shade of pink is rather fetching.

The Clink is an excellent charity that is doing wonders for local communities and prisons alike. So, why not show some love to this great initiative with this simple white and blue tea towel? It’s ideal for reminding yourself, mid-spilled bolognese clean-up, of just how fortunate you really are.

Did you know that Morley’s make mugs? Because Morley’s totally makes mugs. And, now that you know that, you need one more than anything in this world. Lord knows it’s time you retired that Sports Direct flagon you’ve been swilling from since uni for one of these glossy ceramic beauties.

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Things to Buy to Support Restaurants in London Right Now