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What Scott Disick Can’t Live Without

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A version of this story originally appeared on the Strategist US.

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair, but the stain remover pen and the tongue cleaner. We asked Scott Disick — who recently launched a clothing line called Talentless — about the lip balm, sunglasses, and laptop he can’t live without.

I’ve used the Eight Hour Cream lip balm forever. I’m pretty sure I just stole one from Kourtney [Kardashian] years ago, and now it’s always in my car. It feels more luxurious than a regular ChapStick. The smell and taste is good, and it’s a nice product all around. I keep them all over the place — in my car, but also at my bedside and near my sink.

I usually get the new iPhone right when it comes out. I assume the newer ones will be better and last longer. I do believe the battery always gets better, which is a huge thing for me.

I love having a MacBook. I remember a really long time ago — probably more than 10 years ago — I was always buying other brands’ laptops, the good ones, and they’d break within a few months. I knew other people who had Apples, but I just couldn’t make the switch. I said I’d never do it, but then I did it and I look back now and think, How could I have ever lived without an Apple MacBook? It’s just a great computer, and I bring it with me wherever I go. I can work or watch movies or do whatever I want with it. It’s a pretty versatile laptop. All Apple products are amazing.

To me, this is kind of like the black sweatshirt of watches. It’s amazing, comfortable, not the most expensive Patek Philippe watch there is, and a pretty watch that I can wear anywhere. By no means is it cheap, but it’s a beautiful item. When I first saw it, I knew it would probably be a popular model and a lot of people would love it. You can wear it with a suit or with sweats — that’s why I really like it.

I always liked Oliver Peoples. Then I started wearing Garrett Leight glasses. They’re amazing all-around frames: beautiful, comfortable, and versatile. I’ve worn the brand for years — if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. This is my go-to pair, though I wear the Hampton frame too.

Before starting Talentless, I always found myself wearing pretty simple stuff like black T-shirts or black sweatshirts. Like if I was flying, I’d wear a black sweatshirt and black sweatpants. Then I’d find myself at department stores buying these extremely overpriced sweatshirts. It didn’t make sense to spend that kind of money on them, so I thought maybe I should make my own leisure line of sweats and T-shirts, and let it evolve into stuff that’s a little bit more formal down the road. I wanted to come up with basic but really good hoodies and T-shirts, because that’s what I found myself buying the most — and wasting the most money on. I wanted my stuff to be just as good, but priced a little bit more affordably, fit a little bit better, feel a little bit softer, and shrink a little less when you wash it the first time. The black hoodie is something I can basically wear to anything, formal or casual. It’s cotton, washes well, thick, and soft. Just a nice black hoodie. [Editor’s note: This price doesn’t include shipping.]

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What Scott Disick Can’t Live Without