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The Best Fan Heaters on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Here at the Strategist UK, we like to think of ourselves as obsessive (in the best way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing ones. (You can learn more about our rating system and how we pick each item here.)

And while we’ve written about all kinds of home items before — including fans and patio heaters — here, we’ve rounded up the very best selection of fan heaters, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

Best-rated fan heater overall

Pro Breeze 2000W Mini Ceramic Fan Heater

When buying a fan heater, you should look for built-in safety features that automatically switch off your device if it were to tip-over or overheat. The ProBreeze has both, and they were mentioned by 96 reviewers as offering them peace of mind. One person especially praised the tip-over feature in his review. He’d found it to be an essential after his over-enthusiastic dog knocked over the device countless times. Reviewers also found the fan exceptionally user-friendly for older people and those with shakier hands. One woman with arthritis said that she’d found the knobs far easier to twist than on any other heater she’d owned.

Equipped with two heat settings — a higher mode of 2000W, and a lower mode of 1200W — the heater provides an ideal solution to banish chills in a variety of spaces, many reviewers found. One customer said that the lower setting was the perfect boost for the central heating within his larger dining room. Another said that the higher setting had been the best tool to keep himself and his children warm overnight in his camper van — he found it could heat the space entirely in under ten minutes. The heater’s handle was also complimented by numerous reviewers, including one who used it to transport the heater between his house and outdoor lizard enclosure in winter months.

Best-rated less-expensive fan heater

STAYWARM® 2000w Upright and Flatbed Fan Heater

At less than half the price of the Pro Breeze, this STAYWARM fan is the cheapest item on this roundup. It is also an incredibly versatile option. In addition to two warming settings (1000W and 2000W), the heater can function as a cool-blowing fan. Sixty-eight customers praised this in their reviews, including one woman who said she felt rather smug during last summer’s heat wave whilst all of her friends scrambled to buy a fan. Reviewers, including a husband that had bought it for his wife’s 12-foot-by-12-foot crafting space, found the warming settings to be more than enough to heat a small room.

The fan has a built-in overheat-protection feature, but as it can operate in both an upright or flat position, a tip-over safety feature is not necessary. It does, however, have built-in frost-watch, meaning if a room’s temperature dips below five degrees, the heater will automatically kick into action. Over 300 reviewers praised the speed at which the heater can warm a room; one said that within ten minutes, even the coldest bedroom in his home was at a cosy temperature.

Best-rated stylish fan heater

Space Heater

This GAIATOP heater rests on a removable wooden stand. It too has a cool-fan-blowing option, and its two warm settings are slightly below those of the previous two fans: a high of 1000W, and a low of 500W. Despite that, eight reviewers called the heater efficient, whilst a further nine said that they were surprised at the power within it. The general consensus amongst reviewers was that the higher setting could warm up a bedroom in around 15 to 20 minutes, whereas the lower setting was ideal to provide some personal warmth whilst sitting relaxing.

Several reviewers mentioned that they bought the heater because it looked a lot better than similar products, with many calling it modern. Some even said it looked as though it had been bought from Ikea. One customer in particular said that the heater seamlessly matched the Scandi-style décor of his living room. Another said it was the first heater that he’d bought that didn’t clash unattractively with the rest of his furniture. A few reviewers did complain that their heater toppled forward, but one reviewer shared that he’d noticed this was usually due to an assembly flaw. He said that, once the slightly smaller leg of the stand had been screwed into the rear — rather than the front — of the stand, his heater had been nothing but sturdy.

Best-rated desktop fan heater

Pro Breeze Mini Heater

Due to its smaller size, the mini heater has the lowest power rating of any on this list: a high of 500W. Reviewers have, however, found this to be more than sufficient to bring them some warmth. Twenty of them called it an excellent personal heater, and 25 others identified it as an ideal option to keep them toasty in their home office. It’s quiet, too: 12 said that the “whoosh” from the heater was not loud enough to distract them as they worked from home.

One self-confessed clumsy customer praised the tip-over safety feature — she said that she’d truly fear for the state of her carpet had the mechanism not been built-in. Nineteen others agreed, highlighting the usefulness of both the tip-over and overheat safety settings. Overall, reviewers agreed that, as a personal heater, the little fan was stylish, handy, and fit for purpose.

Best-rated oscillating fan heater

VonHaus Oscillating Tower Fan Heater

For slightly larger spaces that require a lot of heat, much like the first two fans on this list, this VonHuas heater has a highest-setting of 2000W. Unlike those heaters, this fan also oscillates from side to side, spreading its heat evenly over larger spaces. One reviewer said that this was ideal to heat up the entirety of his drafty conservatory. The heater, which has an average rating of 4.3 stars from 466 reviews, also has a lower 1000W setting, along with automatic tip-over and overheating safety features. There is also a timer shutoff feature, meaning that after one hour, the fan will automatically switch itself off. One reviewer said that this was a great way to make sure the fan didn’t eat up too much power throughout the day.

The included remote control was mentioned by 31 reviewers as being an especially handy feature (although one customer said, due to its tiny size, it was very easy to misplace). Twenty-four reviewers said that the fan was quick to get going, including one who said his Dyson heaters take about five times the amount of time to heat up. A slight downside, however, is that eight people did say that the machine can be slightly noisy.

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The Best Fan Heaters on Amazon, According to Reviewers