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The Best Water Bottles on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Here at the Strategist UK, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing ones. (You can learn more about our rating system and how we pick each item here.)

While we’ve written about status water bottles, here we’ve rounded up the best water bottles, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on

Best-rated water bottle overall

720 Degree UberBottle

With an absolutely enormous number of reviews (over 50,000), the 4.7-star rated UberBottle is by far the highest-rated bottle in this list. Customers love how easy to clean the bottle is, as well as the security provided by the leakproof lid. Also, whilst this may seem a tad obvious, customers loved how easy to drink from the bottle was; to elaborate, the design incorporates a small air hole, which 31 customers cited for an increase in their drinking habits since purchasing. Overall, 85 percent of all ratings are five stars — that’s over 40,000 customers giving the bottle a perfect score.

Best-rated less expensive water bottle

SiS Clear Bottle

Half the price of our top-rated option (and, in fact, half the price of any other bottle on this list) is the SiS transparent bottle. The cheaper price point is no indication of a lesser quality, however, as the SiS has an average rating of 4.6 stars from over 16,000 reviewers. One customer was such a fan of the bottle that they actually wrote a rather touching poetic ballad extolling the virtues of its design and value for money in the review section. Other reviewers, whilst not quite as lyrical, had a great deal of praise for the bottle — in particular, the 60 who identified it as a top choice for athletes.

Best-rated cooling bottle

Chilly’s 500-Millilitre Bottle
From £24

We’re no strangers to the Chilly’s bottle (we covered it here), and it would appear that Amazon reviewers concur, awarding it an average rating of 4.8 stars. A testament to the bottle’s “status-y” reputation, a swathe of reviewers confirmed that they had bought the bottle for its aesthetic appeal, including one customer who said they had spent more time staring at it than actually drinking from it! But other customers are pleased with the bottle’s functionality, too: One reviewer reported that his tap water remained chilled after several lid removals and that piping-hot water remained steaming after four hours.

Best-rated water bottle with time stamps

HYDRATE Motivational 900ml

If you struggle with drinking enough water (according to the NHS, “enough” is six to eight glasses per day), this Hydrate bottle with time stamps could provide some motivation. One office worker said that the time pointers were the most effective aid she’d found, helping break her from intense concentration in order to take a few gulps. Another 102 reviewers reported that they also had a newfound ability to keep hydrated, reporting an increase in energy and clearer skin as a result of their purchase. One slight quibble mentioned by five reviewers, however, is that the built-in straw doesn’t quite reach to the bottom of the bottle, meaning that a few sips do go to waste.

Best-rated water bottle with straw


If it is a bottle with a top-quality built-in straw you’re hunting for, the Hydro Cell range comes highly recommended: 86 percent of its 30,609 reviews are five stars. Seven customers were pleased to report that the rather squeaky sucking sound that some built-in straws can make was nowhere to be heard with the Hydro Cell. Reviewers also love the vibrant colour range and swappable lids, with both the straw and non-straw option fitted with leakproof tips. One customer said it actually took longer for the ice that she placed in the bottle to melt than it did for her to go ahead and order two more bottles for her family.

Best-rated larger water bottle

HYDRATE XL Jug 2.2 Litre

As the highly rated Hydrate XL water bottle has a volume of two liters (the recommended daily intake), one reviewer said he no longer struggles to drink enough water, as he can visualise his progress throughout the day. In fact, one in 20 reviews made note of the benefits this bottle had on their water intake specifically. One customer, a postman, said that for those with jobs that keep them on the go, the bottle was an absolute essential, as it saved the faff of refills. There’s much love for the lightweight and sturdy design of the bottle, and a great deal of customers — over 100 — said that the handle was expertly crafted to ensure even balance and an easy swig. One customer said he never knew that something as trivial as a handle could excite him so, but that he wasn’t complaining. Those left-handed amongst you beware, however, as a few reviews said that the lovely handle was indeed only designed with right-handers in mind.

Best-rated slim water bottle

Ion8 Leak Proof

Despite the sleek look, the bottle still has a respectable capacity of 500ml, making it fit in both form and function, according to one happy customer. Due to its glasslike finish, one reviewer expected the bottle to weigh a ton, but said that the bottle was actually exceedingly lightweight. A reviewer — who labelled themselves a “water-bottle connoisseur” — said this was his favourite ever bottle, due to its comfort to swig from, easy-to-carry handle, handsome design, reasonable price, and nifty safety lock (that prevents leakage no matter how hard it may be walloped, apparently). Overall, 77 percent of the bottle’s ratings stand at five stars, so the water-bottle connoisseur is undoubtedly joined in his reverence.

Best-rated water bottle for kids

Ion8 Leak Proof Kid’s Bottle

Ion8 also makes a (equally as highly rated) bottle especially for kids. The slightly smaller volume of the bottle — at 400ml — makes the bottle the ideal size for lunch boxes, according to 46 reviewers. In addition to this, 12 parents said that they’d picked the bottle specifically due to its BPA-free rating (BPA is a chemical sometimes used to make plastics; whilst there is no evidence it is especially harmful, some parents may be concerned, as experiments are ongoing). Over 200 reviews mentioned the word “ease,” from ease to clean (being dishwasher-friendly), open, and use the bottle, to ease in convincing little ones to drink water due to the lively colour scheme of the designs. Notably, one customer who bought the bottle for her arthritic grandmother said it was just the right weight to allow her nana to enjoy drinking independently, proving that the bottle is not reserved to popularity amongst parents alone.

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The Best Water Bottles on Amazon, According to Reviewers