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What Zara Larsson Can’t Live Without

Photo: Jordan Rossi

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair but the stain-remover pen and the tongue-cleaner. We asked singer Zara Larsson, whose album Poster Girl will be released March 5, about the UGG boots, Swedish candles, and board game she can’t live without.

These have come in and out of fashion, but for me, UGGs were never uncool. My personal style is comfort above all else — onstage I like glitter and glamour, but I have owned UGGs for a long, long time. When I was 11 or 12, I asked my mum for a pair, but they were very expensive in Sweden, and she was like “What? I’m not paying £100 for a pair of fucking slippers.” But now, I can’t have too many of them — I think I have seven pairs at home. It is a very Swedish thing to not wear outdoor shoes inside, so I have a pair with a thicker, sturdy sole that I’d wear outside, but I have cosier pairs for being indoors, too. I love walking around my home in them because I cannot stand being barefoot — that is one of the nastiest feelings for me.

This is the craziest sale item I ever bought. About 18 months ago, I was in London, and I popped into Selfridges, and I saw this coat and I just knew it would be very expensive — so expensive I wouldn’t even try it on. It was so big, and structured, and it’s Balenciaga, so you know, it must cost a lot. And then I saw it had a 70 percent off tag, and I realised even though it looked leather, it was actually vegan, which my sister would like (we live together, and she shares a lot of my clothes). So I checked, and it was a big discount — so big I had to get it. I find it easy to fall for a good discount. In my head I’m like, Oh my God, I’m saving so much money. And the thing is, this coat keeps me so warm and I absolutely hate freezing, so I love it. It has these big sleeves and faux fur, as well as these big slit pockets. But I also like that you don’t see many jackets like this — it’s definitely a little weird. [Editor’s note: this product is low in stock].

Catan Board Game

I think this game is amazing. At first, I resisted it — my boyfriend, who lives with my sister and I, brought it to mine and every time he tried explaining the rules, I fell asleep. It’s a strategy game where you need to buy cities, towns, and roads, and you have these resources like hay, sheep, and clay, and I was like: “This is not the game for me.” Eventually, I said, “Okay, I will play it for 15 minutes to see if I like it.” And I was hooked. I have now forced my friends to play it, too, because when I tell them about it, they’re like, “No, I’m good,” and I’m like “Trust me, just play for 15 minutes,” and they’re all converts. You need three people to play it, so it’s good that I’ve got my sister and boyfriend living with me — we play every night. My boyfriend gets mad though, because Hannah and I tactically play against him, although he still manages to beat us.

I love all things warm and cosy — firepits, saunas, fireplaces. It’s a very Scandinavian thing to have a sauna in your home — my parents have a very little one. I don’t have one myself in my place but I do love my firepit, I have one at my house and I use it every day. Our culture is obsessed with being outside, going outside. I love being in a tent and sleeping outside, too. If I didn’t have a firepit, I honestly don’t think my home would be the same. The fire you get from that, or a fireplace, is just so much cosier than having a radiator on.

Last year I booked me and a friend in at Ett Hem, a boutique hotel in Stockholm, for a little staycation, because there was literally nothing else to do. It’s very homey, you can go down to the kitchen and they’ll cook whatever you like. And when we got there, my friend, who knows lots about skin care, noticed they stocked these little bottles of Verso products in the bathroom and she was super-impressed — she said it’s a really good brand. I was in the market for a new face cream anyway, and as soon as I tried this stuff, I was sold. It is very gentle, and makes my skin feel so smooth. When we were checking out at reception, I purchased a large one to take home with me.

I am obsessed with vacuuming. I hate cleaning, but I find vacuuming really brings me peace and joy. I find it very calming watching the dust collect in the drum, too. I love the feeling of the Dyson cordless model, because it’s so light, and I just find the aesthetics of the little push button very satisfying, too. Our Dyson is called Denise — we name everything in my house — but unfortunately, last week, my boyfriend managed to kind of melt the side of Denise completely. He tilted the vacuum too close to the fireplace, which wasn’t lit, but it was really fucking hot, so Denise melted. Now, she just kind of semi-works, and I have to get her fixed. I just don’t think the insurance will cover it, because it isn’t defective. The only improvement I would make to the Dyson is I would put a light at the end, like a headlamp, so you can see exactly what you’re sucking up.

Photo: retailer

I love burning candles, but apparently it’s not good for you to burn too many, so I’ll probably die at quite an early age from overdoing it. I love scented candles most of all, anything with a strong, fresh scent, and sometimes I’ll burn four or five at a time, and layer the scents. But this is an absolute favourite, from a Swedish brand, no less. I heard about them a long time ago, when a friend of mine used to work there who was kind enough to let me use her discount. Even after she left, I still buy my candles from here. I love the cotton one for that really fresh, clean scent, but I also like leather, musky smells too. I just try and avoid the sickly sweet ones.

I actually first saw this brand pop up on Instagram. I think it’s British, and I just thought it was so cute, I loved the design, so I bought it. I’ve definitely been buying a lot online in the last year, the algorithms are so clever. I like July Child because it’s quite young and childlike, but in a really fun and elegant way. I wear quite a lot of jewellery — my management gifted me some Cartier jewellery and I literally never take it off, except to wash. And I have some rings that were my grandma’s grandma’s, but I get so nervous wearing things like that outside the house. I much prefer to leave them at home so I know they’re safe, because I would feel awful if I lost them. I’m quite a messy girl, too, so sometimes I’ll put something down and forget where it is. But this ring is my go-between because I can wear it every day, but it’s not the end of the world if I lose it. That said, it’s so bright and eye-catching that I can usually spot it in the corner of a room.

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What Zara Larsson Can’t Live Without