1. bathroom
    The 18 Very Best Bath TowelsFrom waffle towels to flat-weave Turkish sets, a towel for every kind of obsessive.
  2. dental care
    The 10 Very Best Electric ToothbrushesIncluding rotating, oscillating, and sonic toothbrushes.
  3. bath and body
    The 12 Very Best Natural DeodorantsNo, a natural deodorant doesn’t stop sweat, but it does “allow underarms to breathe naturally,” one expert explains.
  4. suncare
    The 20 Very Best Sunscreens for Your FaceIncluding options for sunscreen-phobic acne sufferers.
  5. dogs
    The 13 Very Best Dog LeashesVet- and trainer-approved leashes for everyday walks, late-night outings, and even jogs.
  6. vacuums
    The 15 Very Best VacuumsThese will suck up everything from dust to dog hair to Play-Doh.
  7. sports
    The 13 Very Best Bike HelmetsThere’s a helmet for every head.
  8. dental care
    The 8 Very Best Over-the-Counter Mouth Guards for Teeth Grinders“Teeth are stupid” — so they need a little extra support sometimes.
  9. cats
    16 of the Very Best Cat FoodsYou’ll find food for felines with sensitive tummies and a formula for growing kittens.
  10. style
    The 17 Very Best Wool SocksWhether you’re out hiking, heading to the office, or lounging at home.
  11. pets
    The 11 Very Best Pet-Friendly Throw BlanketsWith picks for every style — and every pet.
  12. cats
    The 10 Very Best Cat LittersIncluding options for controlling smells and minimizing dust.
  13. mattresses
    The 10 Very Best Cooling Mattress ToppersEvery side will be the cool side of the bed.
  14. dogs
    The 11 Very Best Airplane-Friendly Pet CarriersLuxury accommodations for very important pets.
  15. fitness and sports
    All the Best Cheap Workout Clothes We’ve Ever Written AboutWorn (and sweated in) by gym rats, fitness pros, personal trainers, weightlifters, and yoga instructors.
  16. toys
    The 11 Best Bikes for KidsWhether they’re learning to ride or shredding the trails.
  17. fitness and sports
    The 14 Very Best Swim GogglesNever get water in your eyes again.
  18. health
    The Very Best MultivitaminsThink of these dietitian-recommended multivitamins as an “insurance policy” for those veggies that sometimes don’t make it onto your plate.
  19. outdoor leisure
    The 8 Best Beach Umbrellas and TentsYes, it’s possible to buy a beach umbrella that lasts.
  20. style
    18 Black-Owned Athleticwear Brands to Shop OnlineFor matching sets, yoga pants, tracksuits, and even unitards.
  21. health
    What Are the Best Face Masks for Smoke?As Canadian wildfires burn, millions are being exposed to the dangers of smoke inhalation.
  22. pets
    The 19 Very Best Food Puzzles for Cats and DogsIncluding easy, intermediate, and expert-level challenges to keep your pet occupied and entertained.
  23. gifts
    The Best Gifts for People You Don’t Want to Shop ForIncluding picks for your noisy upstairs neighbors and the uncle in the throes of a midlife crisis.
  24. women’s fashion
    The Best Petite Jumpsuits, According to Stylish Short WomenFor the five-foot-three-and-under set.
  25. face
    The Best Halloween Makeup for Your Face, According to Makeup ArtistsIncluding everything you’ll need to channel Stranger Things’ Vecna or smoky-eyed Robert Pattinson as the Batman.
  26. outdoor leisure
    The 9 Very Best Commuter BikesIncluding folding options and e-bikes.
  27. best of new york
    The Best Fitness Instructors in New YorkFor $10 pilates, a mind-body workout, “1,000-calorie burn” sessions, and more.
  28. fitness and sports
    Everything 75-Year-Old Marathoner Chau Smith Wears On the Run“People say I’m crazy, but I don’t mind being crazy.”
  29. deal of the day
    These Warm-Weather-Ready Outdoor Voices Shorts Are 30 Percent OffAnd they ship for free.
  30. travel
    What to Pack for An African Safari, According to ExpertsFrom the luggage that’ll fit in a bush plane’s cargo hold to the best binoculars for spotting wildlife.
  31. sports
    Upgrade Your Bike With These Actually Comfortable, Expert-Recommended SaddlesWhether you’re riding on the roads or pedaling at home on your Peloton, the same rules for saddle selection apply.
  32. adult
    The Best Butt Plugs, According to Sex Experts and Sex Toy Shop OwnersIncluding options for beginners, experienced users, and couples.
  33. cats
    Everything You Need to Fly With a Cat, According to Feline ExpertsFrom airline-approved carriers to cleaning products for accidents.
  34. women’s apparel
    How Effective Are Clothes With Built-in Masks?Infectious-disease doctors weigh in.
  35. ER
    The Face Masks Doctors, Dentists, and other Health-Care Workers Buy ThemselvesWhat they put on when they’re not on duty.
    fitness and sports
    The Best Face Masks for Running OutsideWe found ones that are actually breathable.
  37. fitness and sports
    Everything Pro Runner Nia Akins Wears on the Run“I’m actually pretty notorious for not looking at my watch.”
  38. women’s activewear
    What Are the Best Workout Leggings for Women?Including the best for HIIT, yoga, weightlifting, and barre.
  39. New Jersey Climbing Gym Prepares Facility To Reopen Next Week
    The Best Face-Mask Filters, According to Doctors and ScientistsWe found out what to put in that filter pocket.
  40. year in review
    This Heated Shoulder Massager Is the Best Thing I Bought This YearBecause I could only ask my husband for so many back rubs.
  41. microsales
    All The Best Deals at Lululemon’s Post-Holiday SaleEven cult favorites, like the Align leggings for women and ABC pants for men, are marked down.
  42. fitness and sports
    Everything Pro Runner and Atalanta Founder Mary Cain Wears While Running“It helps me be nicer to myself because I believe the data.”
  43. UK On Lockdown Due To Coronavirus Pandemic
    Where to Find At-Home COVID-19 TestsSome don’t even require a nasal swab.
  44. style
    Everything Noah Founder Brendon Babenzien Wears on the Run“Over the years, I’ve turned these dress gloves into ‘everything gloves.’”
  45. The Best Gifts for Peloton Obsessives, According to Frequent RidersIncluding a tiny fan for sweaty riders, a bike desk for multitaskers, and milestone stickers for the ultra-dedicated.
  46. smart home
    The Best Hidden Cameras, According to Surveillance ExpertsYou’ll feel a bit like 007 with these tiny cameras hidden in pens, sunglasses, and more.
    fitness and sports
    Everything You Need for Cold-Weather Running, According to a Year-Round RunnerWe’ve got you covered, from fleece beanies to wool socks.
  48. skin-care treatments
    The Best Skin-Care Routine for Sensitive Skin, According to DermatologistsFeaturing gentle ingredients that won’t cause redness or irritation.
  49. skin-care treatments
    The Best Skin-Care Routine for Dry Skin, According to DermatologistsWith layers and layers of rich hydration.
  50. fitness and sports
    How to Recover From Running a Marathon (or a Race That Felt Like One)First step: Don’t stop moving.
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