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  1. foot week
    What Celebrity Podiatrist Margaret Dabbs Can’t Live Without“I love champagne — I have to tell you.”
  2. foot week
    What Nike Air Max Creative Director Dylan Raasch Can’t Live WithoutI walk over and this guy hands it to me and says “Eat this.” And I’m like “Eat it?” He replies, “That’s how pure this is.”
  3. celebrity shopping
    What Designer Charlie Casely-Hayford Can’t Live Without“Yes, these are technically women’s pyjamas.”
  4. celebrity shopping
    What Derry Girls’ Dylan Llewellyn Can’t Live Without“I like my curly hair, but it can certainly have a mind of its own sometimes.”
  5. celebrity shopping
    What Bridgerton’s Adjoa Andoh Can’t Live Without“I remember giving it to an actor friend just before we went on, and he drank it and promptly threw up in the toilet.”
  6. this thing’s incredible
    No Matter Where I Travel in the World, I Bring These £5 Light BulbsEven when I go to visit my parents’, the first thing I do is switch their light bulbs out for these.
  7. celebrity shopping
    What Corinne Bailey Rae Can’t Live Without“It’s this little secret for women with small boobs.”
  8. celebrity shopping
    What Snoochie Shy Can’t Live Without“I love it so much I named my cat after it.”
  9. celebrity shopping
    What Kano Can’t Live Without“I’ve come to love it, even if guests are like ‘Do you know how long it’s taking to boil?’”.
  10. trust me i should know
    The Skin Care Drag Queen Farrah Moan Has Convinced Dozens of Queens to Use“If I’m really, really obsessed with a product, I tell at least 10 or 12 people about it.”
  11. celebrity shopping
    What By Rotation Founder Eshita Kabra Can’t Live Without“I give one of these to my dog at 11 p.m. before bedtime. I don’t know if it’s a placebo thing, but he calms down immediately.”
  12. celebrity shopping
    What Lawrence Chaney Can’t Live Without“It’s been really thrown about — used like me in the bedroom — and it still works.”
  13. celebrity shopping
    What Paloma Faith Can’t Live Without“They make me feel like I’m Diana Vreeland or someone, very Zsa Zsa Gabor.”
  14. celebrity shopping
    What Novelist Leïla Slimani Can’t Live Without“I’m convinced I will write something good as long as I do it in this pen.”
  15. celebrity shopping
    What Model-Actress Suki Waterhouse Can’t Live Without“Tiffany Haddish actually came to my house once, lay on it, and passed out for hours.”
  16. celebrity shopping
    What Joe Jonas Can’t Live Without“My wife Sophie can get upset with me; she’s like, ‘Can you not spray it in my face, please?’”
  17. celebrity shopping
    What Tan France Can’t Live Without“This is going to make me sound pathetic, but I started using it because Carrie Bradshaw used it.”
  18. celebrity shopping
    What the Hosts of The Receipts Podcast Can’t Live Without“It makes me look a bit jazzy and a bit slutty, which I’m into.”
  19. celebrity shopping
    What Yoga Instructor Adriene Mishler Can’t Live Without“It’s nice to have a shoe I can wear for everything.”
  20. celebrity shopping
    What Rose Matafeo Can’t Live Without“Thankfully, there’s a real community of curly people on the internet now, which didn’t exist when I was a teenager.”
  21. celebrity shopping
    What Róisín Murphy Can’t Live Without“I tried them and thought, Jesus, that’s what it feels like to have a really clean mouth.
  22. celebrity shopping
    What Ballet Dancer William Bracewell Can’t Live Without“Not all gardening tools are created equal, after all.”
  23. celebrity shopping
    What Annie Macmanus Can’t Live Without“I’m normally not flashy like that at all. This is almost a plain-Jane-style watch. But I swear, I have not taken it off, I’m so scared I’ll lose it.”
  24. celebrity shopping
    What Fashion Designer Paul Smith Can’t Live Without“The sound is amazing — I can’t believe it comes from a device I can toss in my bag.”
  25. trust me i should know
    Everything Novelist Turned Ceramicist Elizabeth Macneal Uses in Her Home StudioIncluding a tungsten clay trimmer ordered via Instagram, the mop she uses for cleaning her floors, and the dust masks she bulk-buys.
  26. celebrity shopping
    What Arman Naféei (Host of Are We on Air?) Can’t Live Without“Even when I go to my parents’, the first thing I do is switch the light bulbs out.”
  27. celebrity shopping
    What Actress Bukky Bakray Can’t Live Without“Shea butter is the holy grail.”
  28. celebrity shopping
    What Grooming Expert Aaron Wallace Can’t Live Without“I listen to a lot of soul and R&B — in fact, I’d argue that I have one of the best ‘90s R&B playlists of all time.”
  29. celebrity shopping
    Model Adwoa Aboah’s Favourite Journal Is This £4 Notebook“Its simple lined pages are all the prompt my mind needs to go in any direction I feel like going in.”
  30. celebrity shopping
    What Zara Larsson Can’t Live Without“I find it easy to fall for a good discount — in my head I’m like, Oh my God, I’m saving so much money.”
  31. celebrity shopping
    What Cel Spellman Can’t Live Without“We always drink Yorkshire tea in the Spellman household.”
  32. celebrity shopping
    What Author Raven Leilani Can’t Live Without“It’s the pen that I signed my first crop of books with.”
  33. celebrity shopping
    What Edith Bowman Can’t Live Without“Vaseline? I eat the stuff.”
  34. celebrity shopping
    What Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Can’t Live Without“It feels good in that sort of pain-is-pleasure way.”
  35. celebrity shopping
    What Author Brit Bennett Can’t Live Without“I’m someone who cares deeply about the temperature of beverages.”
  36. celebrity shopping
    What Romesh Ranganathan Can’t Live Without“I’d say I moisturise my ankles more than anywhere else.”
  37. celebrity shopping
    What Former Irish President Mary McAleese Can’t Live Without“There’s a black hole somewhere in the universe filled with umbrellas I have lost.”
  38. celebrity shopping
    What Clara Amfo Can’t Live Without“My catchphrase is: ‘You’ll never catch me ashy in these streets.’”
  39. celebrity shopping
    What Bettina Korek, Serpentine Galleries CEO, Can’t Live Without“If your sweet tooth has a mind of its own, this should be your new favourite snack.”
  40. celebrity shopping
    What Architect Ian Ritchie Can’t Live Without“Before the COVID-19 pandemic, this beautifully designed little speaker was indispensable.”
  41. celebrity shopping
    What Russell Tovey Can’t Live Without“You’ve got to keep dogs’ teeth nice and clean.”
  42. celebrity shopping
    What Chocolatier Paul A. Young Can’t Live WithoutIncluding a waterproof notebook, the craft chocolate he never tires of, and Cornish salt.
  43. celebrity shopping
    What Interior Designer Kelly Hoppen Can’t Live Without“Lockdown has given me a newfound love for cleaning.”
  44. skin week
    16 Famous People on Their Favourite MoisturisersFrom Maddie Ziegler on Bobbi Brown to Courtney Love on goop.
  45. celebrity shopping
    What Latex-Wear Designer Atsuko Kudo Can’t Live Without“Its the lazy me’s favourite party lipstick.”
  46. celebrity shopping
    What Musician Gavin Rossdale Can’t Live Without“It has high sides for making sauces, and using the pan feels like putting on a great suit or pair of shoes.”
  47. celebrity shopping
    What Director Amma Asante (MBE) Can’t Live Without“I think it’s good karma, and good Chi generally, to carry a big fat purse.”
  48. celebrity shopping
    What Drag Queen Shangela Laquifa Wadley Can’t Live Without“If I’m going to be doing a ten-minute Beyoncé medley, then I need to put this on.”
  49. celebrity shopping
    What Serena Williams Can’t Live Without“My sister Venus also wears it.”
  50. celebrity shopping
    What Penguin Book Illustrator Holly Ovenden Can’t Live Without“I think with my job it’s no surprise that I’m drawn to things that are beautifully designed.”
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